Welcome to CeLCS' Studia Generalia 2019 lecture series!


As part of our 40th anniversary celebrations CeLCS invites you to join our Studia Generalia lecture series 26.9. - 21.11.2019, 16.15 - 17.45 begins in lecture hall XXII in Agora. NB! First lecture (26 September) starts at 16.00.

On 10.10 and 24.10 there is a podcat only to be accessed from Moodle.

Lectures continue on 31.10 in Natura lecture hall XIV

​The series explores the themes of language, culture and communication in the 21st century and is open for all students and staff, who can come to any one of or all the lectures.

If students come to all lectures they gain 2 ECTS. Attending 5 lectures, students gain 1 ECTS. Attendance is checked via university program Ville.

The first event will begin on 26.9. as part of the European Day of Languages events. The lectures are open to all without registration.

NB! If you want study points please sign-up through Nettiopsu by 24.9. at 12.00.

Luentojen aikataulu:

26.9.2019 European Day of Languages: Language and communication teaching for the 21st Century

  • Director Mike Nelson and Lecturer, Deputy Director Hanna Ruska, CeLCS, UTU
  • languages: Finnish, English
  • NB! Starting at 16.00

3.10.2019 What we talk about when we think we talk about language
Mistä puhumme, kun luulemme puhuvamme kielestä

  • Director, University researcher Taina Saarinen, SOLKI, University of Jyväskylä
  • languages: Finnish, English

10.10.2019 Miksi puhuminen jännittää? Voiko siihen vaikuttaa?

  • Team Speech Communication, CeLCS, UTU
  • language: Finnish
  • Podcast will be published on the day

24.10.2019 Taas yksi turha palaveri takana? - Suunnittele ja fasilitoi toisin

  • Lecturer Riitta Koskimies, CeLCS, UTU
  • language: Finnish
  • Podcast will be published on the day

31.10.2019 Millaista on kulttuurin oppiminen 21. vuosisadalla? Natura lecture hall XIV

  • Assistant Professor Minna Maijala, German Language, UTU
  • language: Finnish

7.11.2019 Communicating Interculturally in the 21st Century Natura lecture hall XIV

  • University Teacher Anna Krizsán, CeLCS, UTU
  • University Teacher Bridget Palmer, CeLCS, UTU
  • language: English

14.11.2019 Student access, wellbeing and digital literacy Natura lecture hall XIV

  • University Teacher Kelly Raita, CeLCS, UTU
  • language: English

21.11.2019 Learning to learn together: teamwork, cooperation and collaboration Natura lecture hall XIV

  • University Teacher Peter Levrai, CeLCS, UTU
  • University Teacher Averil Bolster, CeLCS, UTU
  • language: English


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