Welcome to the 1st Annual Science Day of the Faculty of Science


Welcome to the 1st Science Day of the Faculty of Science! Come and hear more about the research highlights of the faculty. The event is organized in the main building of the University of Turku at Tauno Nurmela hall on 15 December 2022 at 12.15-16.00!

This half-day event will give a good glimpse of the timely research done in all six units of our faculty. You will have the opportunity to hear more of the research highlights of biology, chemistry, geography and geology, physics, biodiversity, and mathematics and statistics.

Two short 15 min presentations from each unit are meant for everyone interested in science. Between the presentations there will also be a poster session in the lobby.

Registration to the Science Day is closed.


Speakers and programme:

12:15-12:20 Opening words, Dean Tapio Salakoski

12:20-13:50 Research highlights of the faculty

  • Life, the Universe, and everything, University Research Fellow Rubina Kotak, Department of Physics and Astronomy
  • Sensing place-based land-scape values for resilient, sustainable and inclusive urban development, Associate Professor Nora Fagerholm, Department of Geography and Geology
  • Using an invention from 200 million years ago for modern sustainable development, Professor Mika Lastusaari, Department of Chemistry
  • Ecosystem services in times of agrochemical pollution and climate change, Postdoctoral Researcher Benjamin Fuchs, Biodiversity Unit
  • High-dimensional dimension reduction, Assistant Professor Joni Virta, Department of Mathematics and Statistics
  • Microbial ecology and evolution, Professor Teppo Hiltunen, Department of Biology

13:50-14:20 Coffee and posters

14:20-15:50 Research highlights of the faculty

  • The heart of the Middle East is full of spiders: the results of a decade of arachnological research in Iran, Doctoral Researcher Alireza Zamani, Biodiversity Unit
  • Discrete systems with zero speed of light yield distorted symmetries, University Research Fellow Ville Salo, Department of Mathematics and Statistics
  • Human Diversity, Professor Päivi Onkamo, Department of Biology
  • Spherical Nucleic Acids as Next Generation Therapeutics, Professor Pasi Virta, Department of Chemistry
  • FLUVIODIVERSITY: A new framework to understand changes in high-latitude river systems, Postdoctoral Researcher Mikel Calle Navarro, Department of Geography and Geology
  • Surface passivation of semiconductor crystals for energy-efficient devices, University Research Fellow Pekka Laukkanen, Department of Physics and Astronomy

15:50-16:00 Closing of the event

Moderator of the event: Vice-Dean Juha-Pekka Salminen


Welcome to the 1st Annual Science Day of the Faculty of Science!

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