Wondering how to publish your article openly?


Open access publishing raises many questions: how do I choose a suitable publishing channel, can I get a discount on publication fees, or what are the terms set by my funder for open publishing? There are many websites and services that support open publishing, and we will introduce the key ones.

Choosing an open journal

Find open access journals of your discipline at the Publication Forum. From the Publication Forum, you can also check if the journal permits self-archiving and whether there is access to the FinELib benefit. The benefit enables publishing either without article processing charge or at a reduced charge. You can search for open access journals on the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) at, too. It is possible to search journals with no publication fee or journals where all rights are retained by the author. Journals based on a specific Creative Commons license can also be found. However, remember to assess the quality of the journal using other criteria as well. More information on publishing can be found in the library's open access publishing guide, especially focusing on the section about Selecting a journal. You can also search for open access journals at the ROAD service.

Funder requirements for open publishing

If you want to know whether the journal meets your funder's requirements for open access publication, you can check it using the Journal Checker Tool. The service will ask for the publication, the funder, and affiliation details, and provides information on possible publication options. Sometimes, compliance with the funder's requirements may be achieved through self-archiving. Check the journal's self-archiving policies through the Sherpa/Romeo service.

Author fee discounts

In addition to the FinELib agreement, the library has also entered into other agreements that allow open publishing at no cost or at a reduced charge. You can find information about these agreements in the library's open publishing guide.  Most FinELib agreements only apply to hybrid journals. For details, please see the publisher’s web page.

Open publishing through parallel archiving

It can be possible to publish your article openly by self-archiving it in an open-access repository, provided that the publisher allows self-archiving. You can deposit publications of University of Turku into the UTUCRIS research information system. Submit the self-archived version when entering publication details through the online form or send it via email in response to the automated validation message. Instructions for depositing publication information can be found in the open publishing guide. The library will also verify the conditions under which publicizing is allowed, including possible embargoes and licenses.


More information: openutu@utu.fi

Created 07.11.2023 | Updated 14.11.2023