Turun Normaalikoulu School and International School Transfer in Part to Remote Teaching


Turun normaalikoulu school and the international school at Varissuo transfer in part to remote teaching due to accelerating coronavirus situation in the area.

In the last week, the coronavirus epidemic in Turku has significantly accelerated in certain areas. Infections have been confirmed especially in schools and several classes and entire schools have been placed under quarantine. Approximately ten infections have been confirmed this week.

In an additional meeting on 30 October 2020, the Turku City Board decided on preventive measures to control the situation. In accordance with the decision, the schools at Varissuo and Nummenpakka are transferred in part to remote teaching.

It has also been decided that Turun normaalikoulu school and the international school transfer in part to remote teaching due to the coronavirus situation. Classes 4–9 and the upper secondary school transfer to remote teaching starting on Monday, 2 November. The transfer to remote teaching does not apply to classes 1–3. The remote teaching period ends on 22 November.

The pupils, guardians and staff will be sent further information on transferring to remote teaching and the organisation of school lunches through Wilma.

Turun normaalikoulu school is the teacher training school of the University of Turku.

More information:
Administrative Principal of Turun normaalikoulu Vesa Valkila
tel. 0400 523 093

> City of Turku: pupils transferred to remote teaching at Varissuo and Nummenpakka to control coronavirus situation (in Finnish)


Updated 12 Nov: Changed information about the end date of remote teaching. Originally, the end date was 15 November.

Created 30.10.2020 | Updated 12.11.2020