University of Turku and Bayer Launch Extensive Co-operation in Research and Education


The University of Turku and Bayer have signed a strategic partnership agreement with the objective to strengthen and develop co-operation in research and education in different fields.

The aim of the partnership agreement is to deepen and expand co-operation in different research and education fields of the multidisciplinary University, including biosciences, drug development, production engineering, and health technology. The University of Turku and Bayer have already had successful co-operation with the Auria Biobank for several years.

Possible new areas for co-operation in research are, for example, new methods to support drug development, utilising artificial intelligence in research, and the automation of production processes. The partnership agreement advances the commercialisation of the research results and innovations created at the University as well as the development of education.

In education, the co-operation will increase various projects, such as guest lectures, workshops, theses, internships, and mentoring possibilities to develop students’ professional life skills. The partnership also includes continuous learning possibilities, such as continuing education, for the personnel at Bayer.

Bayer actively seeks to promote co-operation in the field of research and new innovations.

- Co-operation with the University of Turku, which represents a tradition of top research, is Bayer's second strategic partnership agreement of its kind in Finland. We believe that the promotion of research and innovation is beneficial for the whole ecosystem: in this way, we can utilise great intelligent thinking and increase knowledge capital, which is beneficial for both Finland and for Bayer also from the global perspective. Through the co-operation, we can also promote research and development investments in Finland and thus accelerate the economic recovery, emphasises Miriam Holstein, CEO of the Bayer Nordic region.

- Long-term partnerships with universities are important so that together we can develop solutions to the greatest global challenges of our time through science and technology. Concrete projects with the University of Turku are already ongoing, for example, in utilisation of artificial intelligence and in the development of education. Now, we can further deepen the co-operation we have already started, says Arto Pakkalin, Digital and Innovation Lead at Bayer Nordic.

- We are both striving for extensive and long-term co-operation, which is important for our multidisciplinary University. The partnership promotes the strengthening of our internationalisation according to our Strategy. We hope that in addition to researchers, students benefit from this co-operation in the best possible way, which is why we will forward their feedback on professional life to Bayer as well, emphasises Rector Jukka Kola from the University of Turku.

- A persevering strategic partnership that contains various forms of co-operation is well known to benefit the intellectual capital and innovations of both the University and the company. Co-operation with an international leading company like Bayer offers the University of Turku an excellent opportunity to apply and develop its multidisciplinary expertise, explains Vice Rector Mika Hannula who is responsible for partnerships and strategic engagement.

Created 10.02.2021 | Updated 10.02.2021