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What everyone needs to know about climate change? Welcome to learn about climate change! is a course on the basics of climate system, its change and effects of the change, how to mitigate and adapt to changing climate MOOC is a part of Climate University courses. It is an open and free online course for learning the basics of climate change. The material is available for everyone to use and you can study the material at your own pace any time. 

Climate change is a multidimensional topic with a number of cross-disciplinary challenges. The content and learning outcomes of the are based on the understanding of

  • climate change as a scientific phenomenon,
  • how it can be prevented (mitigation), and 
  • how adaptation is possible.

In addition to providing the basic knowledge, another equally important goal is to reinforce the student’s understanding of climate change as a deep human and societal challenge and to give everyone the means to participate in resolving it.

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> Climate University: MOOC

If you want to get credits (2 ECTS credits) for the course, you must enrol to the course through your university, another university via cross-study agreement or via Open University. 

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Enrolment: The course is free of charge.  

> Enrolment 9.8.2023 - 15.6.2024 (See in English)

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Lotta Nyholm

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