Doctoral Programme in Biology, Geography and Geology (BGG)

The Doctoral Programme in Biology, Geography and Geology (BGG) is a multidisciplinary doctoral programme that educates specialists with wide knowledge on natural science research.

Research themes

Biology and Environmental Science

Research topics cover all the levels from cell and molecular biology, physiology and genetics to biodiversity research, individual species, interaction between species and evolutionary phenomena on population and community level.

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Geography and Geology

Research focuses on the dynamic processes of the Earth at various scales of space and time. The research topics range from evolution of the Earth's crust to sedimentology and historical environmental changes, and to innovation of environments and urban structures.

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UTUGS funded doctoral candidate position - decisions

BGG steering committee has decided to propose the following applicants to be selected for the funded doctoral candidate positions:

Zamani, Alireza (Biodiversity)                      1 / 2021 - 8 / 2022
N.N. (Geography)                                          1 / 2021 - 12 / 2023
Loivaranta, Tikli (Geography)                       1 / 2021 - 5 / 2021
Uurasmaa, Tytti (Biology)                             1 / 2021 - 6 / 2023
Gaultier, Simon (Biology)                              7 / 2021 - 12 / 2021
Maatsola, Santeri (Biology)                           7 months during the year 2021

On Reserve:

1. Reserve position: Maatsola, Santeri (Biology)                                 
2. Reserve position: Salminen, Sarianna (Quaternary geology)          
3. Reserve position: Perrault, Charlotte (Biology)                                
4. Reserve position: Voutilainen, Miikka (Biology)                               
5. Reserve position: Laakso, Linda (Biology)                                       
6. Reserve position: Vehkamäki, Teemu (Geology and mineralogy)    

BGG travel grant 1/2021

BGG Travel Grant 1/2021

BGG Doctoral Programme supports the travelling of its students to events which benefit the students' networking and learning possibilities e.g. scientific meetings and courses. BGG may give partial grants, in which case the applicant needs to cover the remaining costs by other means. Grants are not given to the research visit or field trip. The travel grant can be received only once per year. The call is targeted to travelling taking place during January - June 2021.
The application period starts in January 7 and the deadline for applications is January 21, 2021 (the call closes at 23:59:59). 

Application link:

Funding decisions: The applications submitted by the deadline will be evaluated by the BGG Doctoral Programme using the following criteria:

  • the number of scientific meetings/conference/workshop/course-trips during the PhD studies
  • the funding granted to travelling
  • the funding granted to doctoral studies

The grant recipients will be informed personally.

Attachments: For conferences: to receive travel funding from BGG, you must have a presentation at the conference, either a poster or an oral presentation. Please attach a conference abstract of presentation and the confirmation of conference registration, and if already available, the confirmation of the acceptance of the abstract. For workshops and courses: Please attach course programme or an invitation letter from the organizers, or other proof of participation, if already available.

Further information: BGG Coordinator Sari Järvi (, tel. +358 50 358 4596)

BGG grant for completing a doctoral degree 1/2021


APPLICATION PERIOD:  7 January – 21 January 2021 (the call closes at 23:59:59).


GRANT PERIOD: The grant can be applied for 1–3 months. The awarded grant must be used without a break within the time period: 1 February – 30 June 2021.

GRANT AMOUNT: 1972 euros/month

TARGET GROUP: The grant can be applied for by a person who is in the final stages of completing a doctoral degree, who has been granted the right to pursue a doctoral degree at the University of Turku in BGG Doctoral Programmme and who will defend the dissertation in a public examination at the University of Turku. The BGG grant for completing a doctoral degree can be received only once. Please, apply the grant only if you will defend the dissertation during the year 2021. Otherwise, apply the grant in the next call.

PURPOSE OF USE OF THE GRANT AND THE CONDITIONS OF APPLYING: During the grant period, the doctoral candidate is assumed to complete the studies required for the doctoral degree and/or finalize the dissertation manuscript so that it can be submitted for pre-examination. The grant requires full-time studies. The grant cannot be received at the same time with earned income from the University of Turku, full-time work by other employer, or another working grant. The grant recipient commits to reporting on progress within four weeks of the end of the grant period. If the situation of the applicant is changed so that abovementioned conditions are no longer fulfilled, the grant recipient must inform the BGG coordinator without delay.

FUNDING DECISIONS:The applications submitted by the deadline will be evaluated by the Doctoral Programme using the following criteria:

  • the completion rate of an article-based dissertation/the completion rate of a monograph
  • the completion rate of the studies required for the degree
  • the realism of the plan for completing the doctoral degree
  • the earlier granted funding for doctoral studies
  • the need for funding that enables full-time studies and the significance of the grant for completing the degree

The grant recipients will be informed personally.

FURTHER INFORMATION: BGG Coordinator Sari Järvi (, tel. +358 50 358 4596)


BGG contact information


BGG Director:
Professor Jon Brommer, +358 50 534 3360

BGG Coordinator:
Coordinator Sari Järvi, +358 50 358 4596

Sitaatti phd BGG Munoz
Changed country and institution because of my supervisor's top expertise. Best decision ever!
Carlos Martínez, BGG doctoral candidate, Zoological Museum, UTU