Doctoral Programme in Biology, Geography and Geology (BGG)

The Doctoral Programme in Biology, Geography and Geology (BGG) is a multidisciplinary doctoral programme that educates specialists with wide knowledge on natural science research.

Reseach themes

Biology and Environmental Science

Research topics cover all the levels from cell and molecular biology, physiology and genetics to biodiversity research, individual species, interaction between species and evolutionary phenomena on population and community level.

Research in Biology

Research in Biodiversity Unit

Geography and Geology

Research focuses on the dynamic processes of the Earth at various scales of space and time. The research topics ranges from sedimentology and historical environmental changes to innovation of environments and urban structures.

Research in Geography and Geology

UTUGS funded doctoral candidate position - decisions

BGG steering committee has decided to propose the following applicants to be selected for the funded doctoral candidate positions (autumn 2019 call):

Name:                                                     Funding period:

Heino, Hanna (Human geography)         1 / 2020 -  7  / 2020
Keskiniva, Janina (Biology)                      6 / 2020 -  5  / 2023
Liehrmann, Océane (Biology)                 1 / 2020 - 12 / 2023
Martínez Muñoz, Carlos (Biodiversity)    1 / 2020 - 12 / 2020
Ukonaho, Susanna (Biology)                   3 / 2020 -   9 / 2023

On Reserve:

Uurasmaa, Tytti-Maria (Biology)            1. Reserve position
Zamani, Alireza (Biodiversity)                2. Reserve position
Kärkkäinen, Tiia (Biology)                      3. Reserve position
Blåfield, Linnea (Physical geography)   4. Reserve position
Cossin-Sevrin, Nina (Biology)                 5. Reserve position
Pyykkönen, Siiri (Human geography)    6. Reserve position
N.N. (Physical geography)                      7. Reserve position

BGG contact information


BGG Director:
Associate professor Jon Brommer, +358 50 534 3360

BGG Coordinator:
Coordinator Sari Järvi, +358 50 358 4596

Sitaatti phd BGG Munoz
Changed country and institution because of my supervisor's top expertise. Best decision ever!
Carlos Martínez, BGG doctoral candidate, Zoological Museum, UTU