Doctoral Programme in Law

Doctoral Programme in Law covers all disciplines of law and is responsible of the doctoral training as a part of the University of Turku Graduate School (UTUGS).

Doctoral Programme in Law is responsible of the development of doctoral education, and it aims to ensure the high quality of the dissertations and enhance the internationalisation in the field of law. It aims to provide systematic, high-quality and supervised doctoral training within a controlled time frame. The Graduate School coordinates doctoral training at the University of Turku. Its academic structure and working methods meet the recommendations on the development of doctoral training given by the Academy of Finland.
The Doctoral Programme in Law is offered by the Faculty of Law. All the postgraduate students admitted to pursue a Doctor of Laws degree at the Faculty of Law participate in this programme. The Faculty of Law can also be part of national doctoral programmes and collaborate with other doctoral programmes.
The Director and the Board of the Doctoral Programme are responsible for running the programme.




Director of the Doctoral Programme in Law:
Associate professor Mika Viljanen

Vice Director of the Doctoral Programme in Law
Docent, University Lecturer Elsa Saarikkomäki

Coordinator of the Doctoral Programme in Law: Kirsi Tuohela 


Sitaatti PhD law Maunula 14
The Faculty of Law is a supportive and encouraging community of legal scholars and researchers that have helped me shape solid research that will certainly standout among the latest legal scholarship in Finland and abroad.
Gail Maunula, Doctoral Researcher, Doctoral Programme in Law