Master's Degree Programme in Mechanical Engineering: Smart Systems

In the Smart Systems track, you will have access to skills and knowledge that will enable you to design and develop cutting-edge smart technologies for a wide variety of applications and in various branches of industry.

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The studies in Smart Systems provide advanced training in smart technologies and enable professionals to deal with the challenges and opportunities of modern industry.

A smart system makes use of artificial intelligence algorithms and control technology to integrate sensors and actuators so that devices can operate autonomously and intelligently. It should therefore be able to make reasonable predictions about the expected results of its own actions, adapt to operational changes, and learn from experience.

In order to meet the current demands of modern industry, the Smart Systems track gives access to courses in robotics, machine learning, intelligent control, digital factory, systems engineering, and modeling, among others. This interdisciplinary approach offers you a wide range of cutting-edge knowledge in smart technologies and helps you step through the doors of the fourth industrial revolution.

Smart Systems is one of the three specialisation tracks of the Master's Degree Programme in Mechanical Engineering. The other specialisation tracks are

Robot hand and computer on the production line

Entry requirements


General Requirement

You are an eligible applicant for Master’s-level studies if

  • you have a nationally recognized first cycle degree – normally a Bachelor’s degree – from an accredited institution of higher education,
  • your degree corresponds to at least 180 ECTS (European credits) or to three years of full-time study,
  • your degree is in a relevant field for the Master’s degree programme that you’re applying to. Please check the section on track-specific admission requirements for detailed degree requirements.

Language Requirements

Applicants must have excellent English language skills and a certificate that proves those skills. You can indicate your language skills by taking one of the internationally recognized English language tests. 

Applicants must reach the minimum required test results to be considered eligible to the University of Turku. No exceptions will be made. Read more about the language requirements here.

Study right

It is not possible to have more than one Bachelor’s or Master’s study right at the same Faculty. Therefore, when accepting an offered study place, the student will lose any previous BSc. or MSc. study right at the Faculty of Technology at the University of Turku.


Before you start preparing your application, always read the full admission requirements on the application portal

The applicant’s previous degree based on which s/he is seeking admission to the Master’s Degree Programme in Mechanical Engineering must be in a relevant field of study. Relevant fields for the Smart Systems specialisation track are

  • mechanical engineering
  • systems engineering
  • industrial engineering
  • automation engineering
  • mechatronics
  • robotics

You may not apply to more than one specialization track within the same Master’s Degree Programme at the University of Turku. Therefore, you should carefully consider that your educational background is suitable enough for the track that you are applying to.


The decision of admission will be based on

  • the relevance of the applicant’s awarded degree(s)
  • the amount, relevance, and grades of the courses in the degree(s)
  • the language test result (see Language requirements)
  • the motivation letter and your answers to the optional questions included in the application
  • possible relevant work experience
  • possible interview

In addition to the education diploma and language certificate, you should include testimonials of any relevant work experience in your application. 

The academic evaluation is made only for complete applications that are received during the application period. Any preliminary assessment of suitability or chances for admission will not be given.

Programme in brief


The Master’s Degree Programme in Mechanical Engineering: Smart Systems is a two-year programme of 120 ECTS credits.

  • Joint mechanical engineering studies 20 ECTS
  • Smart Systems studies 20 ECTS
  • Thesis and project 40 ECTS
  • Minor or Thematic Studies 20-25 ECTS
  • Other studies 15-20 ECTS

Curriculum is published in the study guide.


The Smart Systems track is supported by professors, lecturers and researchers from the newly created Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering in the also new Faculty of Technology. The research conducted in the Department of Mechanics and Materials Engineering covers many trending topics in modern industry such as

  • Digital Twins
  • Intelligent Control
  • Robotics
  • Mechatronics
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Systems Engineering

Our research team has extensive experience in both academic and industry environments.

For more information about our research and teaching activities, see and follow us on LinkedIn.


Students are able to choose thesis topics that are (i) related to a research project already underway in our department; (ii) commissioned by a company, which means that the student involved in this case could be supported by the related company. Some examples of master's thesis topics are listed below:

  • Intelligent control of mechatronic systems using machine learning
  • Digital twins for industrial applications and healthcare devices
  • Control and decision-making in autonomous robotic systems
  • Smart condition monitoring for predictive maintenance
  • Reinforcement learning for scheduling factory production
  • Soft Computing Applications in Industry: modeling and control
  • Smart sustainability: AI-based approaches to energy-efficient automation

Career prospects


With the dawn of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, there was a remarkable increase in the demand for highly skilled and innovative professionals. The Smart Systems specialisation track provides the students with the means they need to develop their ability to innovate, design and create smart features in any system or application.

Moreover, smart systems play a crucial role in enhancing efficiency, competitiveness, and sustainability in the industrial sector. They are instrumental in facilitating the digital transition and reshoring of manufacturing plants, making the knowledge and skills acquired in this track a valuable asset for mechanical engineers.


The employment percentage of those holding an M.Sc.(Tech.) degree is high in Finland. Moreover, since smart systems are becoming an intrinsic part of our daily lives, with applications ranging from simple smart home appliances to highly efficient and intelligent manufacturing systems, this specialisation track offers several career opportunities in a wide variety of jobs.


A Master's Degree (Technology) provides eligibility for scientific postgraduate degree studies. Postgraduate degrees are doctoral and licentiate degrees. Degrees can be completed at the University of Turku Graduate School.

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