Registration with the University for Postgraduate Education

General instructions and policies of the University of Turku in the coronavirus situation.

N.B.! Because of the exceptional situation now, the appendices cannot be brought over or send by post, because the staff has been ordered to work at home. You can send e-mail to Student Centre Disco: disco "at" . By sending the appendix from the UTU e-mail, one can send them safefy.


Postgraduate education covers both licentiate and doctoral degrees. Licentiate in Medicine and Licentiate in Dentistry are master level degrees.

The right to pursue a licentiate or doctoral degree is issued by the faculty. The study right and registration with the University are entered into Nettiopsu (study register system) in the Student Centre Disco.


Registration instructions

New study right

There is no registration period for new licentiate or doctoral candidates.

Accept the offered study place

  • Accept the offered study place at Studyinfo.

Your first registration as attending student for licentiate/PhD studies is done automatically

  • Registration as an attending student is done automatically at the Student Centre Disco after acceptance.
  • If you do not begin your studies and want to register as non-attending please notice that you'll need to have a special reason:
    • According to the Universities Act/Polytechnics Act, a first-year student may register as absent (non-attending) for the academic year for special reasons only.
    • Required documents are mentioned in instructions for new Master's degree student.
  • This means that you do not have to take care of the registration yourself in the first year.

When your registration is completed, you will receive an e-mail

  • After your registration is completed you can activate your UTU-account, join the Student Union (if you want) and order the student card (if you have joint the Student Union).
  • You'll find more instructions in the e-mail sent from the Student Centre Disco.

In the coming years you are to register according to the instructions for current licentiate and doctoral candidates.

Current licentiate and doctoral candidates

Registration period is annually 1 June - 31 August.

  • Registration period for the Spring Semester only is 1 December - 15 January.

Registration takes place in Nettiopsu

  • Registration requires your UTU account to be activated.
  • Alternatively you may register by contacting the Student Centre Disco by e-mail disco[at] Please remember to tell you student number or Finnish ID code in your message to Disco. 
  • The University of Turku does not offer registration services by phone.

If you haven't been registered at all during the previous semester, you can not register in Nettiopsu but you have to contact Student Centre Disco disco[at] Please remember to tell you student number or Finnish ID code in your message to Disco. 

Student Union membership

Student Union membership is voluntary for those completing postgraduate degree.

  • If you want to join the Student Union, please contact the Student Centre Disco to receive the needed documents for payments. Please remember to tell you student number or Finnish ID code in your message to Disco. 
  • If you join the Student Union, you can also get the student card.
  • Sticker to an old card may be collected from the office of the Student Union.
  • Check the student benefits at Student Union's website.