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In Maritime@TSE event views were exchanged on evaluating maritime green growth


The Maritime@TSE research platform of Turku School of Economics continued its exploration of current themes in the maritime sector on February 28th at the Maritime Green Growth – evaluating opportunities and bottlenecks stakeholder event. The purpose of the event was to provide examples this time how in economics research various developments related to the adoption of emission-reducing technologies could be modeled, as well as to identify the opportunities and challenges that companies recognize within this theme.

Turku School of Economics is developing transport solutions speeding up the green transition


Turku School of Economics (TSE) at the University of Turku has launched a two-year research project aimed at developing green transportation concepts to support the green transition. In the GreenConnect project, potential emission reduction measures in door-to-door transports, including maritime transportation, are examined, carbon dioxide emission calculation models and accuracy are improved, and business potential for green competitive advantage is investigated.