Research at the Department of Education

Most of the research in the Department of Education is conducted in the Centre for Research on Lifelong Learning and Education CELE, which was established in 2001. In addition, the Department is home to its own doctoral programme KEVEKO, and the Department is also an active participant in the Finnish Multidisciplinary Doctoral Training Network on Educational Sciences (FinEd).

    The Centre for Research on Lifelong Learning and Education CELE includes around 40 researchers: professors, assistant professors, university and special researchers, the Department’s teaching staff and research assistants. Most of the Department’s research projects are conducted in CELE and provide the Department’s newer researchers and doctoral candidates with the opportunity to become part of the Department’s academic research community.

    The focus areas of the research conducted in the Department are:

    • Sociology of Education
    • Politics of Education
    • Comparative International Education
    • University and Higher Education
    • Lifelong Learning and Adult Education
    • History of Education