TUCEMEMS organises scholarly events and activities for its members as well as for the public. Our activities and events are open to anyone who is interested. TUCEMEMS activities comprise monthly talks, the Studia Generalia lecture series, scholarly conferences, and workshops. In addition, the centre organises different types of events with its partner institutions, both locally and nationally.

The core of the activities of the research centre consist of monthly presentations for the members, which introduce the latest research projects and research areas. The presentations are followed by discussion and provide an occasion to catch up in a casual setting.

The research centre organises an annual lecture series called Studia Generalia in which current themes are discussed by researchers from different fields of study. The Studia Generalia lectures have addressed topics such as materialistic culture and religion, physicality and sexuality in history, life in manors, the significance of pictures in different religious traditions, vernacular and literary production, and the significance of the reformation. The most recent topic of the lecture series has centred on the life and research of the Academy of Turku. The public lecture series are very popular events.

To advance the research aims and publications of Pre- and Early Modern studies, TUCEMEMS brings researchers together through numerous conferences and workshops. The topics of these events vary according to the interests of the hosting members. The purpose of these events is to provide a forum in which researchers from different fields of study, universities, and institutes can gather and discuss the latest research.