Getting the Completed Doctoral Studies Approved at the Faculty of Medicine

Applying for a study credit

  • Attendance to postgraduate courses, scientific seminars, conferences etc. organized outside UTU can be accepted as part of your postgraduate studies with an electronic form which you can find in UGIS portal (if you have been granted the right to study for a doctoral degree after 1 January 2013)

> UGIS portal -> Links -> Apply for study credit

Accepting completed doctoral studies module (40 credits) 

  • the doctoral researcher delivers a supervisor-signed summary of his/her doctoral studies incl. appendices for the doctoral programme’s approval - the director of the doctoral programme approves the postgraduate studies (40 credits)
  • Dean approves the entity of doctoral studies as a part of the doctoral degree

An application of approval of the completed postgraduate study entity is found on the website
> Postgraduate Studies at the Faculty of Medicine -> Application of approval of the completed postgraduate study entity

Doctoral researchers in Health Sciences deliver the trancsript of study records to the coordinator of the Doctoral Programme in Nursing Science.