Who can apply for doctoral training at the Faculty of Medicine

The right to study for doctoral degree at the Faculty of Medicine can be applied for by persons who meet the eligibility criteria for pursuing a doctoral degree, as stipulated in the Universities Act (558/2009, Section 37), as well as the prerequisites for pursuing a doctoral degree at the Faculty of Medicine.

Eligible for studies leading to an academic postgraduate degree is a person who has completed
1. an applicable higher university degree in Finland
2. an applicable higher polytechnic degree in Finland; or
3. an applicable education completed outside Finland which in the awarding country gives eligibility for corresponding higher education.

Applying for a doctoral study right is possible for the degrees of Doctor of Medical Science and Doctor of Odontology already while studying for a Licentiate of Medicine or Odontology degree, if the applicant is a Bachelor of Medicine or Odontology from a Finnish university.

Those medical doctors or dentists who have a foreign degree (also from outside the EU/EEA countries) and are licensed by Valvira are eligible to apply for a doctoral study right, regardless of whether their degree gives eligibility for equivalent higher education in the country where the degree has been granted.

Degree specific prerequisites for pursuing a doctoral degree are written in the Study Guide 2022-2024 of the doctoral programmes of the Faculty of Medicine.
-> Go to the study guide of the doctoral programme of your choice -> Faculty of Medicine -> Show description