Studying at the Institute of Dentistry

The dental curriculum leads to a Licentiate in Dentistry degree, which is equivalent to a Doctor of Dental Science (DDS) degree. Annually, 40 new students are accepted for the dental programme. Acceptance is based on a national exam, with fluency in the Finnish or Swedish language as a prerequisite. Thus, only applicants with proficiency in Finnish or Swedish may apply for the degree programme in dentistry.

Exchange studies  

The Institute of Dentistry accepts dental students from universities with which the University of Turku has a valid student exchange agreement. Student wishing to study as an exchange student at the Institute of Dentistry should check the exchange agreement with their home university before applying.

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Specialist training

Please note that the specialist training in the Faculty of Medicine is only offered in Finnish. 

The University of Turku offers five specialist training programmes in dentistry. Specialist training in dentistry can be taken by professionals licensed by the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health. The specialist degree requires usually 5 or 6 years of dental practice including at least 9 months of services in public health care centers, theoretical and administrative courses and passing a national written exam. 

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Doctoral training

Finnish Doctoral Program in Oral Sciences (FINDOS) represents all different fields of Oral Sciences and brings together preclinical and clinical researchers to encourage the exchange of knowledge and ideas, and improve the possibilities for translational Dental research. Doctoral candidates have their background in dentistry, medicine or another related field (e.g. biochemistry, biology, biomaterials science), with a common interest in Oral Sciences. 

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