Department of Future Technologies

The information and communication technology shapes the future. The machines become intelligent, the algorithms help in the decision-making and the mixed reality creates new experience environments. Data is the "new oil". Refining and securing it is modern industry. The Department of Future Technologies produces new understanding of the developing possibilities of information technology and communication technology. Students in the Department of Future Technologies graduate with the degree of Master of Science in Technology in Information and Communication Technology or with the degree of Master of Science in Computer Science.

Our community of 200 experts and more than 1000 students produce high quality, international and multidisciplinary education and research in the ICT field. Together with companies and other actors we create new know-how and knowledge for the needs for a society and entrepreneurship, which are strongly changing due to digitalisation.

Our research focuses on Health and Welfare Technology, Autonomous and Intelligent Systems, Digitalisation and Safe Cyber-Society.

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