For Visitors of Faculty of Social Sciences

The Faculty of Social Sciences is a vibrant scientific community of two thousand academic individuals. Its nearly 200 teachers and researchers and ca. 1 800 students all take an active role in the activities and development of the faculty.

Publicum building
Assistentinkatu 7

Postal address
Faculty of Social Sciences
20014 University of Turku

Publicum is located at the Street Assistentinkatu 7. The main doors are mainly open Mon-Fri 8am-18pm.
An easy way to get to the University is to take a bus or by having a nice walk from the city centre. With a bus a single ticket is around 3 euros  including the right to transfer within two hours. There are several lines you can take to get to the University.

Monthly and short-term parking spaces are available in the campus area. Parking permit is needed during Mon-Fri at 8am-4pm. Parking in the campus area is free during other times, with the exception of named parking spaces.
Short-term parking is paid with a mobile phone and the hourly fee is 0,50 €. More information about parking on Turku Campus is available here [LINK COMING SOON] Erja: löytäisitkö tähän linkin jo?

The accessibility of Publicum is good. The main door opens manually but also with a push button and there are two elevators in the building. There are also toilet facilities for the disabled. There are also four parking spaces reserved for disabled people in the parking area of Educarium building (Street Assistentinkatu 5).

Wireless network for Visitors
UTU Visitor is a dedicated open network for visitors.

Restaurants Macciavelli and PiccuMaccia are located in the Educarium building, which is right next to Publicum Building.
There are also several student restaurants with variety of selection in the campus area. The menus and more information about the restaurants.

Visit University attractions
There are many interesting University attractions that you can visit. Also guided and independent walking tours are offered by the University where you can further explore Turku.

History of Faculty of Social Sciences

The Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Turku was founded in 1967. Its academic tradition reaches back to 1640 when the Academy of Turku first was established. Today the Faculty of Social Sciences is an international, multidisciplinary institute providing education both in the Finnish and the English languages.

Research at the Faculty of Social Sciences is conducted in all central disciplines on the field of social sciences. Political science and sociology produce information on the core areas of societal research. The faculty also hosts the disciplines of social work, social policy, contemporary history, psychology, speech-language pathology, philosophy and economic sociology.

The faculty offers a wide range of programmes and courses in English both for Finnish and foreign students. Exchange students arriving through exchange programmes can choose courses from several departments, the most common choices being courses provided by the Finnish and Nordic Society and Culture and the History and Politics of European Integration.

The faculty offers two master's degree programmes conducted entirely in English. The East Asian studies programme offers education and research on the multidisciplinary field of Asian regional studies. INVEST master’s degree programme MPINVEST -Inequalities, Interventions and New Welfare State - is a cross-disciplinary, international study programme.

PhD studies are offered both in Finnish and in English within the Faculty. Due to the independent nature of doing reasearch in Finland the PhD programmes offer few courses but are more concentrated on the individual effort of the student supervised by a research professional.

The international cooperation of the Faculty is not limited to incoming students as many students and staff members of the Faculty travel to study or to do research abroad every year. The faculty has a wide selection of partner universities around the world.