Instructions and Collection Points for Reservations and Returns

The borrowing of materials for study, teaching and research from the Turku University Library is enabled by an exceptional arrangement. Collection point for reserved material in the Feeniks Library is open between December 10 and December 22, 2020.

The service is addressed to Turku University members. Please order only the materials you absolutely need for your studies and research. While we strive to make the material available to you as quickly as possible, we currently have a limited operational capacity.

Feeniks library collection point

Opening Hours and Location

Mon 9–18
Tue - Fri 9–16

Please pick up your reservations by Dec 22 at the latest, as the collection point is closed from Dec 23, 2020 to Jan 3, 2021.

The collection point is located at the entrance of the Feeniks library. There is no access to the building.

Library Accessibility

Reserved materials

The material you have reserved through the Volter database can be picked up from the collection point. You can reserve any of the on-self loanable material from all libraries in the Turku Campus. During this exceptional arrangement, you can also reserve available (on-shelf) course books for pick-up from Dec 9 onwards.

You can also pick up your reservations that were received before the libraries closed. They have been checked out for you and if you wonder whether you have something to pick up, log into Volter and check if anything has been checked out to you on Dec 7, 2020 or after that.

Materials used only in the library, such as ephemera and pro gradu theses, can be read in the Feeniks library, please see instructions.

Reserved materials will not be posted to customers.


The material is ready for pick-up the day after you receive an arrival notification. Requests are checked out beforehand so once they show in your loans they are ready.

Bring a proof of identity with you when you pick up your reservations. If you are in a risk group and cannot handle the pick-up yourself, contact and arrange to transfer your reservation to another person.

Be sure to follow the instructions provided at the collection point to ensure a safe pick-up for you, other customers, and the library staff. Take care of hand hygiene and keep your gloves on.

If you have symptoms of a cold, influenza, or other infectious diseases, do not come to the campus.

Can I order printed materials if I don´t have a library card?

To reserve a book on the shelf, you will need a library card for the Turku University Library. During this exceptional arrangement, new library cards will only be made for pick-up to University of Turku students and staff.

Order your card through the online Library Card Application and choose the Feeniks Library as your pick-up location.


Loans can be returned to the return boxes outside of Feeniks, Educarium and Calonia Library and to the return hatch of Teutori Library 24/7.

Returns can also be mailed to the library, see mailing address.

For more information, please contact the library by email, or by chat.

Teacher Education Library, Rauma collection point

Opening Hours and Returns

The collection point for reserved material in Rauma is open from Dec 10 to Dec 21, 2020, on Mondays and Thursdays from 12 to 4 pm. 

The material you have reserved through the Volter database can be picked up from the collection point in Rauma on the next opening day.

Loans can also be returned. 

For more information, please contact the library by email, or by chat.