Turku Bioscience Centre

Turku Bioscience Centre is an advanced core facility and research centre hosted jointly by University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University.

The Centre was established in 1992 to facilitate research infrastructure services and scientific interactions across departments and within the two universities. We offer services to both academic and commercially-oriented research projects.

Today, we have three major functions:

  • to offer technology and research services
  • to provide advanced training and education in technologies that relate to our core facilities
  • to host leading basic research that relates to our key technology and infrastructure areas

Our aim is to provide complete packages of service expertise and know-how to provide both academic and corporate research groups the tools and means to shorten the runway from an initial discovery to the take-off of a success story. To this end, we aim to stay at the frontiers of new technologies and research and we are also actively facilitating interactions and joint projects between academia and industry.

We are always open to new ideas and are excited to discuss research projects or new technologies that you think would be important for the community. You are very much welcome to contact or visit the Centre if you have a research problem or if you want to access specific technologies or infrastructure services. Stay tuned and stay in touch! We have the means to help you in your research and together we may be able to take your ideas to completely new horizons.

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Latest Publications

Second Virtual International Symposium on Cellular and Organismal Stress Responses, September 8-9, 2022 (2023)

Cell Stress and Chaperones
van Oosten-Hawle Patricija, Backe Sarah J, Ben-Zvi Anat, Bourboulia Dimitra, Brancaccio Mara, Brodsky Jeff, Clark Melody, Colombo Giorgio, Cox Marc B, de los Rios Paolo, Echtenkamp Frank, Edkins Adrienne, Freeman Brian, Goloubinoff Pierre, Houry Walid, Johnson Jill, LaPointe Paul, Li Wei, Mezger Valerie, Neckers Len, Nillegoda Nadinath B, Prahlad Veena, Reitzel Adam, Scherz-Shouval Ruth, Sistonen Lea, Tsai Francis TF, Woodford Mark R, Mollapour Mehdi, Truman Andrew W
(Article or data-article in scientific journal (B1))

Monitoring AKT activity and targeting in live tissue and disease contexts using a real-time Akt-FRET biosensor mouse (2023)

Science Advances
Conway James RW, Warren SC, Lee YK, McCulloch AT, Magenau A, Lee V, Metcalf XL, Stoehr J, Haigh K, Abdulkhalek L, Guaman CS, Reed DA, Murphy KJ, Pereira BA, Melenec P, Chambers C, Latham SL, Lenthall H, Deenick EK, Ma YQ, Phan T, Lim E, Joshua AM, Walters S, Grey ST, Shi YC, Zhang L, Herzog H, Croucher DR, Philp A, Scheele CLGJ, Herrmann D, Sansom OJ, Morton JP, Papa A, Haigh JJ, Nobis M, Timpson P
(Refereed journal article or data article (A1))

Integrative analysis of multimodal mass spectrometry data in MZmine 3 (2023)

Nature Biotechnology
Schmid R, Heuckeroth S, Korf A, Smirnov A, Myers O, Dyrlund TS, Bushuiev R, Murray KJ, Hoffmann N, Lu MS, Sarvepalli A, Zhang Z, Fleischauer M, Durkop K, Wesner M, Hoogstra SJ, Rudt E, Mokshyna O, Brungs C, Ponomarov K, Mutabdzija L, Damiani T, Pudney CJ, Earll M, Helmer PO, Fallon TR, Schulze T, Rivas-Ubach A, Bilbao A, Richter H, Nothias LF, Wang MX, Oresic M, Weng JK, Bocker S, Jeibmann A, Hayen H, Karst U, Dorrestein PC, Petras D, Du XX, Pluskal T
(Article or data-article in scientific journal (B1))

TBC Grants

Travel Grants

Continuous open call:  Travel grant applications for trips made during 2023

We award travel grants from 20 eur up to 25 000 eur/month for researcher’s conference, congress, study, course or archive trips (or other acquisition of research material). The purpose is to support the research work in our center. The grant can be used to cover the travel, accommodation, entry fees or other reasonable travel expenses.

The grant cannot be awarded for those who are employed by the university and it is not intended to cover for example daily allowance.

Please describe the following matters in your application:

  • destination and reason for the journey
  • an estimate of the total cost of the journey, with details
  • a brief description of how the trip relates to doctoral research, postgraduate studies or other research carried out in the center
  • the approval of group leader/the project manager

Funding for a conference trip requires a presentation or a poster.

An abstract, an acceptance letter or a research plan can be attached to the grant application - depending on the type of trip you are applying for.

In some cases, the travel grant awarded covers only part of the actual costs and the researcher is obliged to independently find the rest of the funding elsewhere.

Travel grants can be awarded before the trip. Please remember to prepare your application well in advance, taking into account the university's grant application schedules.

After the trip please send a travel report (receipts no longer required).

Kindly send your application by e-mail to following persons:

  • group leader
  • biocityhrservices@utu.fi

Please mark as a subject of your message: “Your surname /Turku Bioscience Application for a travel grant”

NOTICE: Please send your application early enough, one month before the trip. All applicants will be informed on a monthly basis.

Grants for Scientific Research

Year 2023 – Turku Bioscience awards grants for scientific research (continuous open call)

Scientific grants can be awarded only in advance before the actual research begins.

Please remember to prepare your application well in advance (meaning at least one month in advance) taking into account the time needed for the decision process and also the university's grant payment schedules.

The amount of the grant can vary from 100 eur to 25 000 eur/month and the length can be from one month to two years. The grant cannot be awarded for those who are employed by the university and it is not intended to cover for example daily allowance. In some cases, the grant awarded covers only part of the actual costs and the researcher is obliged to independently find the rest of the funding elsewhere.

The supported research topic needs to belong to some area of Turku Bioscience research fields, for example, related to our recent research innovations.

Requirement of the applicant

Each applicant needs to have a suitable education and all the necessary knowledge and skills required for conducting the research. 

Please apply by including

  • your CV
  • the sum and the time period you are applying  for
  • a justification why your research should be supported ( max 10 sentences).

The application period is 1.1.2023 – 31.12.2023.

Applications will be evaluated monthly by the Director and Group Leaders of Turku Bioscience

 and each applicant will be informed latest by next month.

Please apply at least four weeks in advance, before your research period will begin.

(Please be aware that a delayd application is very difficult to handle in the administration.)

How to apply

Please send your application by e-mail to biocityhrservices@utu.fi

As a subject, kindly mark “your family name/Turku Bioscience Application for a scientific grant”.

Please include as a receiver of your e-mail also the Group Leader.