From an Idea to a Joint Project

Sometimes companies can face a problem where there is only a faint idea about a research related issue. In these cases we help to take the next step and develop the idea further. The ideas that we develop come not only from companies but from public sector and researchers as well. The development process is all about bringing professionals together and engaging in a deep conversation about the subject at hand. The purpose is to figure out how to go about solving the problem or tackling the challenge.

Before an idea can be made into a research project, you will need:

  1. an idea or a research theme
  2. research partners
  3. corporate partners and/or other stakeholders as well as
  4. financing partner

At TSE, the role of main research accelerator falls to TSE CCR (Centre for Collaborative Research). The  process is is based on continuous dialogue between the stakeholders and it therefore allows ongoing development.

In a nutshell:

  • What? Development and refining of an initial idea
  • Benefit? Giving a map towards solving the problem
  • What is required? Open dialogue
  • Price? Varies