The capacity to renew one’s business is a necessity in order to succeed in the long term in any market. Organisations other than businesses also need to adapt to meet the changing needs of their users or stakeholders. Together with client organisations, the Business Renewal research group studies and co-designs their processes, models and practices related to innovations and business ecosystems.

The group’s research areas include:

  • Innovation and change management
    -  Responses to internal and external opportunities   
    -  Adoption and diffusion of change
  • Business models and business model innovation
    -  Elements of business models    
    -  Methods and tools for business modelling   
    -  Impact evaluation
  • Business ecosystems for innovation
    -  Network and ecosystem governance    
    -  Collaboration drivers and obstacles

Some of the Business Renewal group’s research deals with business in general, independently of any context. One example of this is the tools used for business modelling. Other research is more closely related to specific research contexts. Examples include:

  • Co-creation between shipbuilding, maritime equipment, shipping and logistics service providers (see also Maritime@TSE)
  • Physician and health care service market structure, competition analyses and impact evaluations

The research group is led by Research Director Marikka Heikkilä. See below for information on other members of the group: