Studying Entrepreneurship

In order to make a difference, you need to act differently - the subject of entrepreneurship works according to its motto. As a small unit we offer quality and often personal teaching.

Academic working careers have become more versatile and comprehensive over the last few years. More and more business economists are being employed by small- and medium-sized enterprises, and do their work as an entrepreneur or in an entrepreneurial capacity in someone else’s employ.

Even in large companies, senior management requires an entrepreneurial grasp. Expert tasks are increasingly being carried out in leadership positions of various small units, such as teams, work groups or projects. All in all, entrepreneurial activities, such as creativity, initiative, self-reliance, decision-making and management of business entities, are emphasized in working life.

Entrepreneurship studies provide excellent skills

  • to act as reformer and opportunity grasper in different organisations
  • to combine and apply knowledge of different areas of business economics and own abilities and skills in practice
  • for ownership and management of small- and medium-size companies
  • for change and innovation management of larger organisations
You cannot predict change.
Are you ready to reform the future business?