Studying Operations and Supply Chain Management

Operations and Supply Chain Management focus on the interconnected material, information and financial flows in the supply chain. The programme will teach the students analytical, creative and sustainable thinking to understand processes linking organisations and their suppliers and customers.

Our students will learn:

  • the key concepts, theories, strategies and processes to manage supply chains operating in complex global environment
  • a mix of qualitative and quantitative approaches to solve supply chain-related problems
  • to match demand and supply by integrating purchasing, production and logistics processes to create customer value
  • to make strategic supply chain decisions and to understand their implications to the economic, social and environmental performance of the organisation

At the Bachelor's and Master's level, Operations and SCM belongs to the "Marketing and Value Chain Management" programme, which is offered only in Finnish. However, there are some courses offered in English that you can take as an exchange student.

The graduates within Operations and SCM have interesting career prospects. Possible future career prospects include positions within diverse areas such as purchasing, packaging, warehousing, inventory management, production, transportation, and supply chain management. They can find a career in manufacturing, trade and retail companies, logistics service providers, management consultancy, IT and non-profit sector around the world.

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