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Research at Turku School of Economics

Our research is grounded in the in-depth knowledge of eleven disciplines which is combined in multidisciplinary research projects dealing with global grand challenges. These include, for example, responsible future business, geopolitics and global business, economic policy and markets, and artificial intelligence and future technologies in business. 

Profile areas in research


Research on entrepreneurship is focused on studying the entrepreneurial and innovation process and the operating methods associated with entrepreneurship. The main interest is to investigate the role of entrepreneurship within different economic, social, and cultural contexts..

Management control

We consider the production and use of valid and reliable information, provided by management control systems (MCS), as a core business competence in global competition. We study management accounting systems and practices, such as performance measurement and cost management, in inter-relation with other management control systems, as well as values and culture. Our research themes are closely linked to the challenges of developing and using MCS in fluid organisational environments, the role of MCS in innovation processes, and MCS in the creation and implementation of strategy. We are particularly interested in the behavioural and organisational implications of the design, implementation and use of MCS.

Networks in business

Several research groups are working in this area examining both inter-organisational and intra-organisational networks. Research focuses particularly on co-creation of services in private and public networks, supply chain performance and costs, and the functioning of decentralised specialist teams. Researchers produce new knowledge, for instance, on innovation, ethics and digitalisation in networks, and develop methods for network management and analysis.

Economic policy and markets

Research in this area focuses on analysing policy-relevant economic questions, within public economics, macroeconomics and finance. The team has strong expertise in quantitative methods and its research is characterised by rigorous mathematical modelling, econometric analysis and computation. The central research problems concern financial markets, housing markets, labour markets, the public sector and business cycles.

Interdisiplinary research platforms

Laboratory of Business Disruption

The aim of the Laboratory of Business Disruption Research is to to create new understanding and business tools to forge business disruptions. Key themes include foresight on development trends, artificial intelligence and machine learning, block chain, pricing innovations, competition methods, platform economy, change in ecosystems, and organisation management in disruptive business environment.

The business partners are Aller Media Oy, Bayer Nordic SE, Oy IBM Finland Ab, OP Ryhmä, PwC, Rolls-Royce Oy Ab, and Valmet Automotive Oy.

Laboratory of Business Disruption Research is part of the Center for Collaborative Research -unit which operates at the interface of academic research and companies’ and other organizations’ need for knowledge. They also develop deep collaboration between TSE, companies, other research organizations and the public sector. 

See more about the Laboratory of Business Disruption.

Finland Futures Research Centre

Finland Futures Research Centre (FFRC) works with a transdisciplinary approach in an international environment. The cornerstones of our activities are on developing academic futures studies, critical interdisciplinary research, high quality education, strategic and business foresight and insightfully produced futures knowledge.

> FFRC website

Digital Futures

Digital Futures (DF) is one of the research profiles in the University of Turku accelerated by the Academy of Finland. It aims to build unique potential for leading edge digitalisation research by strengthening innovative research and intensifying collaboration. Digital Futures is designing a living lab platform to facilitate the exploration of digitalisation, experimentation with digital resources and collaboration with colleagues. The platform offers support to activities that focus on Ideas and New Research, Data, and Teaching. The platform is open to all researchers and students in the University of Turku as well as to interested partners elsewhere.

See more http://digitalfutures.fi/


Maritime@TSE Research Platform

Maritime@TSE Research Platform will connect units and researchers at Turku School of Economics into a collaboration network producing international research in e.g. marine logistics, digitalisation of marine sector, regulations, business models and value chain themes in marine economics in close co-operation with business and authorities.

> See more about Maritime@TSE Research platform

See also

TSE collaborates actively in several UTU-driven joint research platforms, such as:

  • Artificial Intelligence Academy, AIA
  • Centre for Education and Research on Social and Health Services (Sote-akatemia)
  • Turku Centre for Labour Studies, TCLS
  • Turku Institute for Advanced Studies, TIAS
  • Flavoria living lab: Food experience centre
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