Studying Management and Organisation in Pori

Management and Organisation is a comprehensive and multifaceted subject. We focus on topics which range from human resource management to strategic management and from organisational development to responsible business.

Studies at Management and Organisation provide tools for understanding individual, group and organisational dynamics, how to be an interactive member of an organisation, and how to work in demanding expert tasks in different types of organisations.

In teaching, we emphasise aspects which we believe are important in the future. We aim to improve our students’ abilities to observe, organise and foresee changes in the business environment. To be able to understand the present and foresee the future, it is vital to understand the historical development and societal contexts of management as well.


The degree programme consists of topical continuums that are taught from Bachelor’s degree level courses to Master’s degree level courses. The main themes are Strategic Management, Organisation Theory, Human Resource Management, and Leadership.


Our courses are implemented using multifaceted methods: we utilise case-teaching, essays, group work, and reading diaries. In addition, we have joint courses with the Turku unit.

Career Options

Students who graduate with Management and Organisation as their major subject take up various business consulting positions, positions in the field of human resource management, training and development tasks, and various expert and leadership positions. Management and Organisation is also a strongly research-oriented discipline and provides a strong basis for PhD studies.