A new web-based learning environment for microscopy teaching has passed a stress test


A new web-based learning environment has passed a stress test. In the test, 25 people from different parts of Europe tested the functionality and capacity of the learning environment. The program passed the test.

With the new learning environment, the participants' ability to interpret microscopic tissue samples can be assessed in such a way that the participants view the samples from their own laptop computers simultaneously, e.g., place markers on the images.  In a follow-up session, the moderator or the teacher is able to present syntheses of the participants’ answers for joint discussion and feedback, which is revolutionary from the point of view of medical education.

It was remarkable that the pathology teachers involved in the testing were impressed by image quality and the speed of image processing. The next step in the project is to implement a couple of practical teaching experiments in the context of medical education.

In the cLovid project, the University of Turku, the University of Münster and the University Medical Center Utrecht are developing new solutions for online teaching based on visual material.

The development work of cLovid is funded by  Erasmus + strategic partnership funding from the EU.

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Created 27.10.2022 | Updated 27.10.2022