CELE celebrates 20 years anniversary with critical look at the challenges of a global risk society


The Centre for Research on Lifelong Learning and Education CELE's 20th anniversary celebrations highlight challenges of a global risk society from perspective of lifelong learning. The lecture by Professor Fazal Rizvi will be available in the zoom of the gala seminar on Friday 3 December from 12 noon.

CELE is an international and interdisciplinary research centre on comparative education, sociology and policy of education and research on higher education, inclusive education and lifelong learning at the department of education, University of Turku.

The year 2021 has been CELE's anniversary year, culminating in a celebratory seminar on Friday 3 December. The event will be held in the Educarium building of the Faculty of Education, but key parts of the seminar, such as lecture of Fazal Rizvi's, a visiting professor at the faculty in 2019–2020, can be watched online as a zoom broadcast.

Fazal Rizvis lectures title is Risk Society and Prospects of Lifelong Learning.

Risks are a permanent feature of human societies. However, the nature, extent and intensity of risks are constantly changing, as indeed are the ways in which they are interpreted and negotiated, Rizvi says.

In recent years, new global threats have emerged relating to environmental crises, technological transformations and geopolitical tensions. At the same, our understanding of these threats has become highly contested politically and culturally, with a growing loss of confidence in our knowledge systems.

– To address the emerging challenges of risk society, in this paper, I want to argue that we need to re-think the concept of lifelong learning beyond its neoliberal framing and address directly the threats posed by populist politics, Rizvi says before his lecture.

Fazal Rizvin kasvokuva

After Rizvi's speech, the seminar continue with Professor Ulpukka Ispohkala-Bouret's professor lecture Positional competition is a challenge for egalitarian education. The speech will not be shown in the zoom, but recorded video will be added to CELE's website after the event.

The celebration culminates both in the Educarium and zoom in a presentation of soon published edited books. Two of those are in press and the third is a publication contract.

  •  14.30–15.00 Fazal Rizvi, Bob Lingard and Risto Rinne (eds.) 2022: Reimagining globalization and education policy (Routledge)
  • 15.00–15.30 Martin Thrupp, Piia Seppänen, Jaakko Kauko and Sonja Kosunen (eds.) 2022: Finland’s Famous Education System - Unvarnished insights into Finnish schooling (Springer)
  • 15.30–16.00 Päivi Siivonen, Ulpukka Isopahkala-Bouret, Michael Tomlinson, Maija Korhonen, Nina Haltia and Katri Komulainen (eds.) tba: Rethinking graduate employability in context. Discourse, policy and practice (Palgrave Macmillan)

The event will be opened and closed by Professor Piia Seppänen, Director of CELE.

The day before the anniversary seminar, on Thursday 2.12. CELE organises webinar together with UNESCO on its global report on the futures of education Can education help us to build peaceful, just, and sustainable Futures for all (UNESCO, 2021), which can also be followed in the zoom.

>> Join the Fazal Rizvi's lecture 3rd Dec at 12.15–13.45
>> Follow scientific publications presentations 3rd Dec at 14.30–16.00
>> Read more about CELE
>> Read more about webinar on UNESCO report "Can education help us to build peaceful, just, and sustainable futures for all" organised on 2nd Dec, link to the report

The main image of the page is from 2019, when Fazal Rizvi gave a lecture as a visiting professor at the Educarium.

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