cLovid's first teaching experiment proved successful


The first teaching trial of cLovid, a web-based learning environment under development, proved to be a success. The two-hour session involving eight cases was a great success and many participants indicated that they would like to do this kind of learning more often. – All content and tools (PRISMA and OMERO) involved were developed in the EU project cLovid and will be made available as open educational resources, says University Researcher Laura Helle from the Department of Teacher Education.

The first teaching experiment involved specialised doctors from the Universities of Helsinki, Eastern Finland, Oulu and Turku.

the cLovid team supported the Finnish pathologists Vesa-Matti Pohjanen and Otto Jokelainen in a Zoom session, in which they discussed patient cases with digital microscopy images in a group of pathology residents at different locations in Finland (Helsinki, Kuopio, Oulu and Turku).

The eight residents were part of a group of 16 who previously carried out the same cases on an individual basis in an online assignment. The basic idea was to prepare the participants for the final  national examination in pathology the residents must take in order to graduate. They covered these cases with digital microsopic specimens and different question types (free text, multiple choice, marker and long list) in the online platform VQuest.

Created 17.01.2023 | Updated 17.01.2023