Encouraging and Ambitious International Programme to University of Turku


The International Programme approved by the University Board supports the implementation of actions related to internationality outlined in the University’s Strategy 2021–2030.

In the newly published Programme, internationality covers all the University’s basic missions – research, education, and activities related to societal interaction.

– Our new International Programme supports international collaboration from the Nordic, Arctic and Baltic Sea regions to European and global co-operation. The programme highlights openness, equality, and multiculturalism, says Jukka Kola, the Rector of the University of Turku.

– International co-operation is developed systematically, and the impact of our international collaboration and activities is created also in the future by high-quality and multidisciplinary research and education based on scientific knowledge, states Rector Kola.

The Programme includes actions and goals that improve the University’s internationality. One of the goals involves a significant increase in international research funding. In addition, the aim is to develop international recruitment and increase the diversity of research personnel.

– Furthermore, our goal is that our entire personnel engages in active internationalisation in their career. In addition to researchers, teaching and administrative personnel are encouraged to work abroad. This goal is supported by the career model for research and teaching personnel that is currently under development, says Rector Kola.

Doubling the Number of International Master’s Degree Students during Strategy Period

The international degrees at the University of Turku are based on scientific knowledge and our particular interdisciplinary expertise.

– Our high-quality international education supports global development of expertise and sustainable development, for example, by increasing the number of people with a higher education degree and the accessibility of education. With our alumni network, we can strengthen the University’s recognition and impact. Through education, we can also increase labour immigration and integration into the Finnish society.  High-quality support services are developed when necessary to facilitate integration as a two-way process, says Piia Björn, the Vice Rector responsible for education.

One of the goals in the International Programme is to double the number of international Master’s degree students from 2020 by developing particularly the recruitment process and study and career guidance.

– Our goal is that every international student and doctoral candidate graduating from the University of Turku are employed into a position that corresponds to their degree and advance in their research career. Our international alumni are well employed also in Finland, says Vice Rector Björn.

Internal Collaboration Important for Achieving the Goals

Similar to the Strategy of the University of Turku and its Policy Programme, the International Programme highlights active collaboration within the University as well with regional, national and international partners.

– The actions listed in the International Programme reflect how versatile internationality is at our University. During the preparation, we observed concretely how closely the development needs in research and education as well as in responsible, effective, and sustainable internationality are connected to each other. This was also apparent in the Viima survey organised at the beginning of the year, where 140 members of the University community left ideas, comments, and likes, several of whom on behalf of different groups. I wish to thank our community for their participation already at this stage of the Programme’s implementation, says Head of International Affairs Irinja Paakkanen.

Created 01.11.2021 | Updated 01.11.2021