Faculty of Social Sciences opens bridge funding for researcher aspiring to become an Academic Research Fellow


The Faculty of Social Sciences introduces bridge funding for those aspiring to become an Academy Research Fellow. Applications are invited from researchers who applied in the last round of applications for an Academy Research Fellow position but were not successful and will apply again in the winter 2024 call.

– The share of external funding of the faculty has increased up to 54%. This means that to maintain our activities, we need to constantly seek and obtain new funding. We know that there is always a contingency component to obtaining external funding. Therefore, we want to stabilise our operations by supporting our excellent researchers and projects through short dry periods by providing bridge and pilot funding, says dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences Elina Mainela-Arnold.

Bridge funding will be offered on a pilot basis for 1–4 Postdoctoral Researcher or University Research Fellow. The post will be fixed term, starting as soon as possible lasting until 31 August 2024 at the latest.

The faculty wishes that those interested in the position will contact them as soon as possible, but no later than 20.10.2023.

The title of the position, Postdoctoral Researcher, or University Research Fellow will be determined by the scientific qualification and experience of the person selected. The salary of the position is determined in accordance with the salary system of the Finnish universities. The researchers’ salary will be at levels 5–7 on the task-specific chart. The personal performance component, added on top of the task-specific base salary is also paid. The salary will be commensurate with qualifications and experience based on the University salary system and is typically in the beginning of the employment about 3400–4900 €/month.

You will conduct research on the topic of application submitted to the Academy of Finland. As a researcher you attend to the acquisition of other external funding as well and develop research environment and collaboration in your research. The duties may also involve a small portion of teaching if possible. The positions to be applied here do not involve specific funding to cover research expenses.

You should have

  • a doctoral degree in relevant disciplines
  • you have applied for an Academy Research Fellow positions from the Academy of Finland in the autumn 2022, with the University of Turku and Faculty of Social Sciences as the site of research
  • your Academy Research Fellow application in spring 2023 evaluation was scored high (5 or 6), but your application was not granted funding by the Academy of Finland
  • you are eligible applicant in the Academy of Finland Winter 2024 call (doctoral degree certificate is dated between 30 September 2016 and 31 January 2022)
  • you are applying again the Academy Research Fellow position in the Winter (January) 2024 call, which, if you receive the funding, would start tentatively on 1 September 2024
  • feasibility to conduct the research plan at one of the departments in the Faculty of Social Sciences
  • an excellent or good writing and communication skills in English
  • a strong research record
  • an independent approach to doing research

How to apply?


Please submit your application with contact information (name, date of the first completed doctorate, email, phone and address) by 22 October 2023 by email to soc-hr@utu.fi. Please us as a subject “Bridge funding”. Please let us know if you wish to send your application material by secured mail outside of University of Turku and we will send a link to you.


Please note that you must include the following appendices in your application:

  • application for Academy Research Fellow (September 2022 call); application form and a research plan (as one pdf-document)
  • application Review Form (Academy Research Fellow 2022) (as one pdf-document)
  • a maximum of one page plan of applicant’s views on how to conduct the research proposal and plan for acquisition of research funding required for the research
  • name your superior or the person in the Faculty you were in contact when doing the application to the Academy of Finland – we will be in contact with her/him in order to get the references.

For further information on these research positions and on the application procedure, please contact

Created 08.10.2023 | Updated 10.10.2023