Opening Ceremony Celebrated on Campus


The Opening Ceremony of the University's Academic Year 2022–2023 was celebrated on 6 September 2022. After a few years, the Opening Ceremony was again held at the University’s Main Building on campus.

Rector Jukka Kola’s opening speech was heard at the Ceremony.

“As a university community, we have experienced some unusual times – a large group of students who started their studies during the coronavirus restrictions have returned to the campus this autumn. The same applies to the more senior students and our personnel – we have not been able to meet each other the way we used to. Therefore today is particularly special: we can celebrate that we are again able to work, study and conduct research on campus,” says Rector Kola in his speech that can be read in its entirety on the University’s blog. At the Ceremony, Rector Kola’s speech was read by Vice Rector Kalle-Antti Suominen.

In addition, short speeches were given by the Chair of the Executive Board of the Student Union Camilla Saarinen and Chair Riitta Koskimies of the Turku section of the Union for University Teachers and Researchers in Finland on behalf of the staff organisations. The commemorative medals of the University of Turku and the Turku Finnish University Society's awards for distinguished dissertations were also presented at the Ceremony. A cappella group Arrhythmics performed at the Opening Ceremony.

Recognitions and Awards for University Personnel 

The Turku Finnish University Society's dissertation awards were given to PhD Sanna Ahvenharju for her dissertation Futures Consciousness as a Human Anticipatory Capacity - Definition and Measurement, PhD Sami Kurkinen for his dissertation Cavity-based negative images in molecular docking, and PhD Miikka Laihinen for his dissertation Poems of the event. The materiality of language and the subjectivity of a reading event in 21st century experimental Finnish poetry published in printed form.

University presented ten commemorative medals of the University of Turku. The receipients were Jukka Hyönä, Sirpa Jalkanen, Päivi Lappalainen, Ilmo Leivo, Heikki Minn, Kai Norrdahl, Sirkka Saarinen, Seppo Salminen, Hannu Salonen and Matti Sillanpää.

During the day, the University of Turku and the Student Union organised the traditional Opening Carnival together at the Old Great Square. The opening day also included an ecumenical service at the Turku Cathedral and a secular service at the Makasiini Contemporary gallery at the Maaherran Makasiini building.

Created 07.09.2022 | Updated 08.09.2022