Public Events Not Organised at the University for Time Being due to Coronavirus Situation


It is necessary to follow the instructions on safety measures in the University’s facilities. Unnecessary close contacts must be avoided. If close contacts cannot be avoided, masks are used.

The coronavirus management team of the University of Turku discussed the impact of the policies published by the Regional State Administrative Agency on 15 November 2021 (in Finnish) on the University’s instructions on coronavirus.

The coronavirus management team decided that public events are not organised at the University for the time being. Public events refer to events organised for parties external to the University community according to the authorities’ definition. Events organised for the University community or partners and stakeholders are not considered as public events.

Teaching is organised normally at the University. It is necessary to follow the instructions on safety measures. Dissertation defences can be organised according to the current instructions.

At the University, remote work can be conducted according to the guideline for remote work that came into force on 25 October 2021.

In accordance with the instructions of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration in Finland, the COVID-19 passport cannot be required at University events. At facilities external to the University, the owner of the facility can require the COVID-19 passport. Events for a limited group of people, such as Christmas parties, can be organised as long as safety measures, primarily social distancing and safe distances, are observed.

At the moment, the green light stage of the traffic light model is in force on all the University’s campuses. The traffic light model for the coronavirus situation defines the level of safety measures at the University of Turku.

More information:

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> Hygiene and Personal Protection during Coronavirus Pandemic  (on the intranet, requires logging in)

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Created 17.11.2021 | Updated 24.11.2021