University of Turku Builds a Strong and Sustainable Future


The Strategy of the University of Turku for 2021–2030 is a joint effort of our entire University community and it was created in an open planning process during 2019. With the goals defined together, we dynamically and responsibly build social well-being and a sustainable future in the new decade.  

It is based on the University’s basic missions in research, education, and societal interaction as well as on how we wish to impact the changing world around us.   

– The University’s role in producing information and competence as well as in upholding creative and critical thinking and learning is highlighted amid changes. We want to strengthen the trust in science and increase the impact of research on society, says Rector Jukka Kola.  

Social changes and global megatrends, such as climate change, digitalisation, and ageing population, challenge us as we carry global responsibility. 

– As an extensively multidisciplinary University, we can be pioneers in demonstrating how top research can be used in finding solutions to the great challenges of our time. The experts we have trained to different sectors of society are in a key position to carry out the necessary changes. 

The Strategy of the University of Turku for 2021–2030 has an even stronger emphasis on the University community, well-being, and collaboration as a foundation for all activities. 

– When the well-being of our University community is on a good level, our internal collaboration is strong and the everyday life at our campuses works well. This enables us to conduct research that the world needs.

Get inspired by science

For us, inspiration comes from doing things together, from enthusiasm and encouragement. Our work has significant impact and relevance in the changing world. We always act according to our values and with a visionary mindset.  

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Created 01.02.2021 | Updated 01.02.2021