University of Turku introduces new English-language bachelor's programmes in information and communication technology and entrepreneurship


The University of Turku is establishing two new English-language bachelor's degree programmes: Information and Communication Technology within the Faculty of Technology, and Sustainable and Social Entrepreneurship within Turku School of Economics. The first intake for both programmes will be in 2025, with application period in January 2025.

The University of Turku has decided to launch two new bachelor's degree programmes to complement its selection of English-language degree programmes. These programmes will be included in the upcoming joint application round in January 2025, with studies starting in August of the same year.

Currently, the University of Turku only offers master's and doctoral degrees in English. The number of applicants for international master's degree programmes has multiplied in recent years, and inquiries about bachelor's degree programmes have also increased significantly.

”We are happy to offer two new and interesting international bachelor's programmes at once. We believe these programmes will promote the attractiveness of the Turku region to international talents and provide a concrete relief for the shortage of skilled professionals both in the Southwest Finland and more broadly in Finland,” says Piia Björn, Vice Rector responsible for Education at the University of Turku.

Detailed information and admission criteria for the new programmes will be published on the University's website in the autumn of 2024.

Bachelor’s in ICT trains future programming experts

The new Bachelor's Degree Programme in Information and Communication Technology provides a comprehensive competence for working as a programming expert in the industry. During the three-year programme, future IT professionals will learn to apply theoretical knowledge to practice, develop problem-solving and communication skills, and innovate products and services for key areas of the knowledge society.

”The programme includes retention measures tailored to the needs of international talents. These measures help students in finding their place in companies during their studies and, consequently, remain in Finland and the region after completing their degree. Furthermore, minor studies in entrepreneurship, which is one of the programme's distinctive features, assists in starting one's own business,” says Sari Stenvall-Virtanen, Head of Education at the Faculty of Technology.

The programme's curriculum closely aligns with the current Finnish-language Bachelor's Degree Programme in Information and Communication Technology. Graduates of the programme are qualified to continue their studies towards a Master of Science in Technology degree, both at the University of Turku and elsewhere. One of the programme's strengths is the direct pathway it offers to the University of Turku's international master’s programme in ICT without the need for a separate application. Specialisations in the master's degree programme include Data Analytics, Software Engineering, Cryptography, Cyber Security, and Robotics and Autonomous Systems.

”In 2018, we were the first university in Finland to offer bachelor-level education in the ICT field as international contract education. Based on the experiences we gained from the project, there is a high global demand for bachelor-level degree education in ICT in English,” says the programme’s responsible professor Seppo Virtanen. 

New entrepreneurship programme specialises in sustainable business

The goal of the Bachelor's Degree Programme in Sustainable and Social Entrepreneurship is to educate leaders, entrepreneurs, and experts committed to creating both sustainable development and economic well-being. Graduates of the programme are capable of helping organisations to transform to meet the multifaceted challenges of their operating environment.

”Climate change, biodiversity crises, social inequality, poverty, and cultural heritage preservation require companies and public sector organisations to change. Social entrepreneurs and experts acting as agents of change provide expertise related to building positive future developments,” says the programme’s responsible professor Ulla Hytti.

The programme is based on the entrepreneurship curriculum at Turku School of Economics. It includes studies in sustainable development not only from the School of Economics but also from other faculties of the University of Turku and partner universities. Students have the freedom to choose minor studies according to their interests and career aspirations.

International students are offered the opportunity to study Finnish as part of the degree. Additionally, the programme addresses the challenge highlighted in recent studies to increase international students' professional networks and understanding of the Finnish job market.

Graduates of the programme possess excellent professional life skills and a broad understanding of entrepreneurship. The degree qualifies them to apply for master's studies, such as in the University's own English-language master’s degree programmes in Global Innovation Management and Future Studies. The degree also provides a solid foundation for other business-related master's degree programmes and, with appropriate minor subject choices, for master's programmes in other faculties.

Admission criteria and detailed information of the new bachelor’s degree programmes will be published on the International Programmes website.

Created 05.04.2024 | Updated 09.04.2024