University of Turku Reopening Process Starts on 14 May


The reopening of activities at the University of Turku begins according to the University’s exit plan.

The University of Turku follows authorities' instructions and begins the reopening process of its operations in active collaboration with other universities starting from 14 May. Exiting the measures required by the exceptional circumstances will take place in accordance with the University's exit plan.

According to the main points of the exit plan, remote work will continue at least over the summer in those work tasks where it is possible. Remote teaching and studying will continue until 31 July. The entrance exams will be organised according to the plans published on 30 April. Reopening research activities will be discussed more closely with the faculties.

– The limitation measures required by the exceptional circumstances have been followed well and precisely, and I thank the University community for this. Patience and following the instructions closely are still highlighted in the reopening process. We will begin the reopening process of operations according to the plan and as safely as possible, says Rector Jukka Kola

Main Points Published on the University's Website, Closer Instructions in the Intranet

The main points of the University’s exit plan were published on the University's website on 7 May.

Closer instructions and the exit plan will be published in the intranet on the week starting from 11 May. The personnel and students will also be informed by email. Open University students will receive instructions by email. Supervisors will be sent instructions on returning to the workplace and using the facilities on the week starting from 11 May at the latest.

Please send any further inquiries and questions primarily by email to

Created 05.05.2020 | Updated 01.06.2020