University Returns to Contact Teaching When Possible – Yellow Light Stage in Force


At the University of Turku, the third period starts on 10 January with remote teaching. The personnel works remotely in those tasks where it is possible.

The coronavirus management team met on 5 January 2022 to assess the impact of the coronavirus situation on the University’s instructions and arrangements for the third period. 

The coronavirus management team decided that the remote teaching and remote work policies are currently in force until 21 January, but due to the seriousness of the coronavirus situation, the policies will most likely be extended. However, the University will return to contact teaching and regular work practices as soon as possible.

The coronavirus management team monitors the situation continuously and issues further regulations at the latest on 19 January. 

Third Period Starts Primarily with Remote Teaching

The third period starts on 10 January primarily with remote teaching. Remote teaching concerns teaching that is sensible and possible to organise on pedagogical grounds as remote teaching, such as mass lectures. Teaching that cannot be conducted remotely is organised as contact teaching. The possibility for contact teaching for the first- and second-year students is emphasised in the teaching arrangements. The policy is in force until 21 January 2022. The faculties and responsible teachers for the courses will give more detailed information on teaching arrangements in accordance with the faculty's practices.

The University personnel works remotely if it is possible for their work tasks and together assessed with the supervisor. Contact teaching requires that the teaching staff and the administrative and support personnel whose work tasks involve assisting in teaching arrangements work on campus. This policy is in force until 21 January and supersedes the policies in the University’s guideline for remote work.

The University's instructions on safety measures are observed closely in the University’s facilities. Masks are used in the University’s facilities. Masks are always used unless the person is alone in the space or close contacts have been prevented with special arrangements. 

At the moment, public events are prohibited in Southwest Finland and Satakunta region until 15 January.

Entrances of the University buildings are closed to the public. However, students' access rights are in force between 7am and 10pm. The opening hours of the Turku University Library are available on the Library website.

The yellow light stage of the traffic light model for the coronavirus situation is in force on all the University’s campuses. The traffic light model for the coronavirus situation defines the level of safety measures at the University of Turku.

> University’s instructions on the coronavirus situation
> University’s Traffic Light Model for Coronavirus Situation

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Created 05.01.2022 | Updated 19.01.2022