University of Turku Exceeded Its €5M Fund-Raising Goal for the Matched Funding Scheme 2020–2022


The University of Turku has raised donations from companies, communities and private persons for altogether €5.2 million during the state-matched funding campaign of 15 June 2020–30 June 2022. The match funding period ends today, on 30 June 2022. The goal of the University of Turku was to raise altogether €5 million.

The Government of Finland capitalises universities based on the donations they have raised in 2020–2022 with a non-recurrent funding granted by Sitra to universities. The state-matched funding coefficient is determined by the overall donations raised by all universities; the amount of the matched funding will be announced later this year. 

“We have worked hard on our fund-raising efforts, and this work will surely help us in the future. We are extremely happy with the result, although the timing of the matched funding campaign has not been the most favourable. Due to the current global events, we have not wanted to appeal to the general public in any major way to raise donations, says Vice Rector responsible for fund-raising at the University Mika Hannula.

Donations of €10,000 or greater could be allocated to a specific discipline of the University. Medicine, economics, technology, and humanities were allocated the most donations. During the same period, the University of Turku has also made donation agreements worth of around €9 million for donated professorships, most of which have been allocated to the new Faculty of Technology, which began its operation on 1 January 2021.

The Rector of the University of Turku Jukka Kola wishes to thank all who have donated.

“As a multidisciplinary university, we rejoice the fact that we have received significant state-matched donations for many different disciplines. The support from our stakeholders is a sign of close and fruitful collaboration and trust in research and the education we offer,” says Rector Kola.

Created 30.06.2022 | Updated 30.06.2022