University of Turku seeks Rector for a five-year term


The University of Turku is seeking a Rector to lead the operations and work community of a multidisciplinary and international University according to its values and Strategy. The call for applications is open until 25 September 2023.

The term of office of the University’s current Rector Jukka Kola will end on 31 July 2024. In its meeting on 25 August 2023, the Board of the University of Turku decided on the call for applications for the position of the Rector and on the length of the term of office. The academic management of the University is appointed for a fixed term. The length of the Rector's term is five years.

The call for applications for the Rector’s position was published on the University’s Open Vacancies website. The call for applications is open until 25 September 2023. The Rector is appointed by the University Board and their term of office starts on 1 August 2024.

The Rector's duty is to lead the University according to its values and Strategy. To be appointed as the Rector, the applicant is required to hold a doctoral degree and have the competence required for discharging the duties, as well as having proven leadership skills.

“We are looking for an inspiring Rector who promotes an engaging operational culture and has excellent skills when it comes to collaboration and the development of the University community's well-being. The Rector should also be familiar with the operational environment of the University of Turku and have a strong insight into science and education policy. The Rector should manage the University's operation in a competent and inclusive manner and control the finances. At the University of Turku, the Rector has a unique opportunity to influence the future of science and research both nationally and internationally. We value equality and diversity in our work community, and invite applications from competent applicants with diverse backgrounds, says Chair of the Board Ritva Viljanen.

The Board has launched the recruitment process for a Rector by organising hearing and discussion events for the Faculty Councils, management of the independent units, and the Student Union of the University of Turku during August. In the autumn term, members of the University community can participate in the process in the event organised for the community and by submitting questions for the interviewees, among other things.

The goal is that the Board will make the decision regarding the Rector in January, or in February 2024 the latest.

Created 29.08.2023 | Updated 13.10.2023