University’s investigation on the usability of Educarium as a school building well underway


The primary goal of the Facility Programme of the University of Turku is to find savings, while also providing an opportunity to develop a new school model and teacher training of the future. 

During the spring, a working group of the University of Turku will investigate whether Educarium, located on the University's lower campus, could function as a school building and whether the University's teacher training school, Turun normaalikoulu, could be transferred from Varissuo to the campus. The group is chaired by Vice Rector responsible for education Piia Björn. At the same time, a working group led by Dean Markus Granlund is exploring the more efficient use of the facilities located on the lower campus.

The working groups have wanted to work as openly as possible, and the University has actively communicated about the process. Various consultation and discussion events are organised for the community and stakeholders. 

The University Properties of Finland Ltd (SYK) is also currently reviewing the potential of the Educarium building for school use.

“The main focus of the working groups’ work is on financial issues and the search for facility reductions. The University currently has a large number of facilities that are not being used to their full capacity. Working with SYK, we now also have the opportunity to create an excellent model for the school and teacher training of the future, which I'm sure people from other countries will want to see," says Björn.

Björn emphasises that students need and will continue to have access to quiet study spaces and that the possible transfer of Norssi will not have an impact on the reduction of contact teaching.

The schedule for the investigation is tight, so that the City of Turku can also take the University's possible solutions into account when making decisions about the school network. On 17 May, the progress of the investigation and its roadmap will be presented to the University Board, which will decide on the next steps. 

The investigation is part of realising the objectives of the University’s Facility Programme. The University Board approved the Facility Programme in its meeting on 26 January 2024. Among other things, the Facility Programme aims to reduce the total floor area used by the University, control rental costs, and reduce facility costs. The Facility Programme is part of the University's long-term Financial Balancing Programme.

Turun normaalikoulu is the teacher training school of the University of Turku. Both primary school and subject teacher trainees complete their practical teacher training at the school as part of their pedagogical studies. The Turun normaalikoulu school and Educarium buildings are owned by the University Properties of Finland Ltd and the University of Turku is a tenant.

Created 18.03.2024 | Updated 18.03.2024