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What everyone needs to know about climate change? is a course on the basics of climate system, its change and effects of the change, how to mitigate and adapt to changing climate.

Climate change affects every part of our society. People from all fields of expertise are needed to defeat climate change. With the course, you can broaden and deepen your knowledge and accuire new skills of the topic. MOOC is a part of the courses offered by the Climate University network. It is arrenged in slightly different formats in several Finnish universities. The University of Turku offers it as a 2 ECTS credits self-paced course. You are welcome to study the online course material independently at any time.

Course learning goals: Having studied the course,

  • you are able to look at climate change from many different perspectives and create connections between them as well as look for solutions to the climate challenge in a variety of ways.
  • you are able to reflect on your own role in climate change and apply what has been learned on the course to your field of study or work
  • you can examine different perspectives, solutions, information sources and the current debate on climate change critically.

Course level: Bachelor. No pre-requisities.

In order to receive credits in open university education, you must register as a course participant and complete and return the required assignments. The course is free of charge.

Content and study methods of the course (see Course Units):

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Registration for a course in open university teaching

> Registration 9.8.2023 - 15.6.2024 (see In English)

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