Support for research ethics

Research Integrity Advisors and the Development Specialist for research ethics offer support for the university staff in questions regarding research ethics.

Research Integrity Advisors

The Research Integrity Advisors of the University of Turku offer confidential and impartial guidance for the University staff on different kinds of problematic situations related to research integrity. The staff may ask for their advice both as a precaution and when suspecting misconduct. The advisors offer support to researchers across faculty boundaries.

You can meet the Research Integrity Advisors personally or contact them by email or phone. However, it is advised that the first contact is made by email.

Senior Researcher Marko Ahteensuu (leave of absence until 31 July 2020)
Professor Jyrki Korkeila
Senior Advisor Hanna Lagström
University Lecturer Helena Siipi

Development Specialist for research ethics

The Development Specialist for research ethics is responsible for developing and upholding the university’s processes regarding research ethics. The Development Specialist acts as the preparer and secretary of the Ethics Committee for Human Sciences and upholds the procedures for handling allegations of misconduct at the university. The Development Specialist offers support in questions regarding ethical review.

Development Specialist Kirsi Klemelä
Tel. +358 50 303 0346