Aurajoki Turku

Student City of Turku

The University campus is located in the active and picturesque student city of Turku in Southwest Finland.
With a bike or on foot you can easily move from one place – and time – to another. In 1640 the first university students in Finland began their studies right here in Turku. Today, on the same campus, future innovations and technologies are developed.

Turku is the second busiest passenger travel port in Finland. From Turku, Helsinki Metropolitan Area is easily reached either by air, rail or a motorway. From Turku Airport, direct daily connections also to Stockholm, Sweden, are available.

Reasonable living costs with many housing options, full-scale public and private services, vivid cultural life and a variety of outdoor recreation possibilities by the surrounding Archipelago Sea guarantee that Turku offers the best quality of life and is a lucrative location for students as well as for skilled professionals.

According to the strategic target set by the City, by 2029 Turku will be the Northern Baltic’s most interesting city, with a strong foundation in both arts and sciences. Turku is building up unique assets – creative manufacturing industry, biotechnology, logistics expertise – through cluster conveniences and synergies.

Turku - student life since 1640

Living as a Foreigner in Turku

Both the University of Turku and the City of Turku do their best to provide as much support for individuals moving to Turku. The University provides many services to help with your studies and well-being at any stage of your studies. This includes early studies support, career advice, and mental health support. Whether it is your first month in Turku, during the course of your studies, or when you are about to graduate. There is always someone to help!

Our Tutors will help you settle when you arrive in Turku. Your teachers and programme coordinators are there to help you throughout your studies. Last but not least, the numerous start-ups, companies, and organizations within the Turku Business Region provides ample opportunity for you to start or continue your career in Turku!

Candles in city center

Centennial Celebrations

On the City of Turku website, incoming students with families can find more information about daycare and schools for their children. You can also find information on all the cultural and sport events happening throughout the year in Turku. Such as the International Market along the Aura River, the Medieval Market, and lighting of the Christmas Tree in front of the Turku Cathedral. All students are also entitled to healthcare services provided by the Finnish Student Health Service.

At International House Turku you can find information about all the guidance and counselling services the City of Turku provides for international newcomers to Turku. There are Legal, Business, and Social services among many others. The services are offered in multiple languages including Arabic, English, Chinese, Dari, Estonian, Kurdish, Persian, Pashto, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Somali, Thai, Ukrainian and Vietnamese.

This is what makes Turku such a great student city. No matter who you are, or where you come from, you are never alone. There is always somewhere or someone to help.