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Are you interested in studying in the international European Languages, Cultures and Societies in Contact master's program - come and listen to the info on 14.12.


In 2023, the University of Turku will open the international, multilingual, master's program European Languages, Cultures and Societies in Contact (120 ECTS) based on the cooperation of European universities. Application period 4-18 January 2023. An information session about the program will be organised on zoom on 14.12. at 14:00-15:00 (Finnish time, which means 13:00-14:00 CET).

Studying at the Department of French

French studies at the University of Turku will prepare you in many ways for the diverse challenges presented by working life: the language skills necessary for expert positions, expertise in intercultural communication, understanding the culture of the French-speaking world and a knowledge of digital communications.

Department of French

The Department of French conducts research on different aspects related to communication and language learning and trains experts in language and communication.