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University of Turku Deepens Partnerships with Tanzanian Universities to Manage the Risks of Climate Change


University of Turku deepens its partnerships with Tanzanian universities to accelerate digitalization and to manage the risks of climate change. Members from five Tanzanian universities, the Tanzanian government and the World Bank visited the University of Turku in the first week of September. The aim of the visit was to deepen the long-lasting institutional partnership between the universities, especially through the joint World Bank -funded Resilience Academy collaboration. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed on Thursday September 1st.

Land Use Planning Prevents Misuse of Natural Resources – Researchers Developed Improved Method in Tanzania


Together with local experts, researchers of the University of Turku, Finland, developed a geospatial mapping method for local level land use planning in Tanzania, based on high-resolution satellite images. Involving the local communities and including their needs in the planning process creates sustainable and transparent practice of spatial planning in Tanzania.

Tanzania's Preparation for Climate Risks Supported by Collaboration between University of Turku and Four Local Universities


The World Bank is funding the University of Turku and four Tanzanian universities in developing geospatial expertise to control risks posed by floods and climate change. Cities in Tanzania are especially vulnerable to the extreme phenomena caused by climate change due to population growth and weak urban planning.