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Women in a Digitized Sports Culture seminar


The Nordic Research Network Women in a Digitized Sports Culture would like to invite you to a one-day seminar on women athletes and digital technologies. The seminar includes presentations by internationally renowned experts on women in sports media and sport science research and will provide an arena for engagement between scholars and sports practitioners on the topics of social media, digital technology and gender equity.

Department of Cultural Heritage Studies

The research topics of the Department of Cultural Heritage Studies are cultural memory, history management and the use of history. Cultural heritage is more than a museum or a cultural environmental topic, it is also information, skills, stories and objects transferred from generation to generation.

Minor subject of Cultural and Experience Tourism

Cultural and Experience Tourism is a study module offered by the Degree Programme of Cultural Production and Landscape Studies as a minor subject. It enables the student to examine tourism related phenomena from a multidisciplinary perspective involving diverse methods and overarching faculty boundaries. 

Studying at the Department of Cultural Heritage Studies

In the Department of Cultural Heritage Studies, you will learn about the means of and the changes in the production of cultural heritage. You will learn about the participatory practices of cultural memory. You learn to ask, who owns the past, whose history is told, and whose heritage is presented in the museum. In the future you will be employed as an expert in the public or private sector. Your job will consist of implementing various projects, involving with culture or history.