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New troponin test improves heart attack diagnostics


A new test has been developed in Turku, Finland, that helps in separating heart attack patients from those whose cardiac troponin values are elevated due to renal insufficiency. Blood sample tests for cardiac troponins are an important cornerstone in the diagnostics of heart attack, but the result may be elevated also due to other transient or chronic conditions, such as renal insufficiency, atrial fibrillation or strenuous physical exercise. The new test may help in identifying myocardial infarction (MI) faster and more specifically and thus improve the treatment of MI patients.

Nuoret tutkijat 2021/Young Scientists 2021


23.3.2021 at 8.30 - 26.3.2021 at 16.00
Nuoret Tutkijat -tapahtuma on vuosittainen Turun yliopiston bioteknologian laitoksen opiskelijaseminaari, jossa maisteri- ja diplomi-insinööriopiskelijat esittelevät lopputöidensä tuloksia suullisin esitelmin ja posterein. Tilaisuus on opiskelijoiden itsensä järjestämä.Tapahtuma pidetään tänä vuonna...

Rapid Test for Ovarian Cancer Detection Developed at the University of Turku Received an International Innovation Award


A rapid test for ovarian cancer detection developed at the University of Turku has received the international Rapid Testing Innovation Award. The awarded article is part of the dissertation of Doctoral Candidate Sherif Bayoumy. Next, the cancer diagnostics team of the Biotechnology unit at the Department of Biochemistry aims to expand the research to other cancer types.