Communication and interaction, speaking and listening, cooperation and negotiation, influencing and argumentation, development of academic expertise and working life interaction skills; all these areas are studied in speech communication.

Skilled interaction is at the core of every expert’s expertise. In both study and working life, the ability to co-operate and interact with others is needed. Building a working atmosphere, building relationships, negotiating and influencing, resolving problems and conflicts, and the ability to communicate and speak convincingly are at the heart of these skills.

The general goal of the courses is to strengthen students’ interaction skills so that they are able to work purposefully and cooperatively in study and work tasks in their own field. In addition, we practice analyzing one's own interaction skills and various interaction events and giving constructive feedback. Teaching is based on the theory and research of communication.

Studying speech communication in practice

In speech communication courses, students become acquainted with the phenomena of interaction and strengthen their related skills and understanding. Study takes place functionally, pragmatically and learner-centred in small groups, which enables personal feedback and development. Studying requires the student to be present and actively involved.

The core contents of the courses are interaction skills and its characteristics, the communicator's perception of himself as a communicator, analytical and evaluative listening, giving and receiving feedback, and the ethics of communication. Teaching can focus on group-specific persuasive presentation, promoting group collaboration or negotiation skills. From the perspective of learning, the central role is played by the reflection of the student's own work and competence, which is supported by self-assessment and feedback from peers and the teacher.

Speech communication courses

Study module on working life interaction

If you want to deepen your skills related to communication and interaction, check out the offer of the Working Life Interaction study module. You can participate in an individual course if you have completed previous studies in speech communication (for example, Basics of Speech Communication or a similar course). The study unit has a scope of 25 ECTS and the right to study can be applied for annually.

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Study module on working life interaction

Study module on working life interaction