Doctoral Training at the Faculty of Humanities - Postgraduate Studies

In addition to the research evidenced in the dissertation, the postgraduate degree comprises studies (40-60 ECTS credits). More detailed information about the contents of such studies can be found in the postgraduate curriculum of the doctoral programmes published in study guide. The contents of studies will be agreed upon during the application stage while drawing up the preliminary postgraduate study plan. After the studies begin, a personal study plan (HOPS) should be drawn up and the contents of the studies planned in detail and discussed with the supervisor. 

> Study Guide (Peppi)

The progress of the postgraduate studies (40-60 ECTS) and the realisation of the personal study plan (HOPS) will be monitored annually.

Please note the following:
The aim of the studies of 40-60 ECTS credits, that form a part of the postgraduate degree, is to accumulate the knowledge and skills needed when completing a licentiate thesis and/or a doctoral dissertation. Thus, the timing of the studies should be borne in mind when setting the research agenda – by the time the dissertation is ready for pre-examination the studies should be completed and entered into the study register.
The study modules included in the postgraduate studies are not graded.
Before submitting the dissertation manuscript for pre-examination, the postgraduate student has to complete the postgraduate studies worth 40-60 ECTS credits. Exceptions to this rule can be made for special reasons.

Courses and activities suitable for postgraduate studies offer also

  • Graduate School UTUGS
  • Doctoral programmes Juno and Utuling
  • Also research centres and networks and TIAS (Turku Institute for Advanced Studies) have seminars, conferences and other activities that postgraduate students can join.

See also the staff training at the University of Turku (in the intranet)


In doctoral studies one can gain study credits by presenting in a conference presentation (an oral presentation or a poster), publishing an article or review, editing a publication or teaching etc. To apply a study credit in this kind of situations go to -> Links -> Apply for study credit or choose this LINK


See also: Instructions on how to credit study attainments