The Department of Clinical Neurosciences at University of Turku is committed to clinical neurological and neurosurgical education, contributing to high-level neuroscientific knowledge, and caring for patients through Neurocenter at Turku University Hospital.  

Welcome to the Department of Clinical Neurosciences

The Department of Clinical Neurosciences at University of Turku is one of the leading Finnish academic centers dedicated to excellence in patient care, research and education. 

Multiple clinical neurological and neurosurgical trials provide patients and their families with unique opportunities for treatment today and advance our care for the patients of tomorrow.

Internationally distinguished researchers supervise the research at the Department, and the network of professionals participating in the clinical research is extensive. 
Turku PET Centre, which functions in connection with the University and Turku University Hospital, provides exceptional possibilities for neurological research.

Turku Brain and Mind Center (TBMC) gathers more than twenty neuroscience research groups in Turku

Clinical Neurosciences
Faculty of Medicine, University of Turku

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2017           79                  

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2020          129                

2021           92                  

2022          93

2023          78                   

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Joutsa J, Moussawi K, Siddiqi SH, Abdolahi A, Drew W, Cohen AL, Ross TJ, Deshpande HU, Wang HZ, Bruss J, Stein EA, Volkow ND, Grafman JH, van Wijngaarden E, Boes AD, Fox MD. Brain lesions disrupting addiction map to a common human brain circuit. Nat Med 2022; 28:1249-1255



Saraste M, Matilainen M, Vuorimaa A, Laaksonen S, Sucksdorff M, Leppert D, Kuhle J, Airas L. Association of serum neurofilament light chain with microglial activation in multiple sclerosis. J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry 2023; 94:698-706

Doctoral Dissertations
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  2. Frey, Harri. 1971. Enzymes of central nervous system myelin with special reference to maturation. An experimental study on guinea pigs.
  3. Sonninen, Vesa. 1971. Clinical, experimental and biochemical studies on the significance of monoamines in Parkinson's disease. 
  4. Lehtonen, Johannes. 1972. Visual evoked cortical potentials in man. Studies on recording and stimulation technique, and findings in migraine patients. 
  5. Marttila, Reijo. 1974. Epidemiological, clinical, and virus-serological studies of Parkinson's disease. 
  6. Siirtola, Taisto. 1974. Long-term treatment of Parkinson's disease with levodopa. Clinical and metabolic studies. 
  7. Kalimo, Hannu. 1974. Ultrastructural studies on the hypothalamic neurosecretory neurons of the rat. 
  8. Kangasniemi, Pentti. 1975. Biogenic amines and vasoactive peptides in the pathophysiology of migraine. Biochemical, clinical and therapeutical correlations
  9. Kytömäki, Ossi. 1975. Hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal function in patients with intracranial neurological diseases
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  16. Narva, Erkki. 1980. Radionuclide brain scanning and rapid sequential scintiphotography in patients with cerebral infarction
  17. Mölsä, Pekka. 1980. Dementia. A clinical study in the Finnish population
  18. Hukkanen, Veijo. 1982. Glycoprotein antigens in multiple sclerosis
  19. Saksa, Markku. 1982. The autonomic nervous system in experimental allergic neuritis. A functional, morphological and biochemical study
  20. Halonen, Jukka-Pekka. 1982. Normal and pathological firing pattern of single motor units in man
  21. Salonen, Reijo. 1983. Interferons in multiple sclerosis and optic neuritis
  22. Ruutiainen, Juhani. 1983. Studies on antibodies to central nervous system dominant antigens. With special reference to multiple sclerosis.
  23. Laihinen, Arto. 1983. Dopamine receptor function in Parkinson's disease. A clinical and biochemical study
  24. Forssell, Heli. 1985. Mandibular dysfunction and headache
  25. Grénman, Reidar. 1985. Involvement of the audiovestibular system in multiple sclerosis. An otoneurological and audiological study
  26. Halonen, Päivi. 1986. Vibratory perception thresholds in healthy and neurologically affected adults and children
  27. Koski, Kari. 1987. Threatened stroke. A clinical study of risk factors, atherosclerosis, role of platelet aggregation, and outcome in transient ischemic attacks and relation to transient global amnesia
  28. Rinne, Juha. 1987. Alzheimer's disease, vascular dementia and aging. A study of brain cholinergic and dopaminergic receptors with neuropathological aspects
  29. Laine, Matti. 1989. On the mechanisms of verbal adynamia. A neuropsychological study
  30. Nyrke, Timo. 1991. Spectral analysis of steady-state visual evoked potentials and the alpha rhythm in migraine
  31. Tenovuo, Olli. 1992. Substance P in Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease and ageing
  32. Kotilainen, Esa. 1994. Microinvasive lumbar disc surgery: a study on patients treated with microdiscectomy or percutaneous nucleotomy for disc herniation
  33. Heinonen, Esa. 1995. Selegiline in the treatment of Parkinson's disease. Pharmacokinetic and clinical studies
  34. Päivärinta, Markku. 1995. Motor behaviour in experimental herpes simplex virus brain infection. Responses in dopamine and serotonin systems
  35. Soilu-Hänninen, Merja. 1996. Viruses and autoimmune inflammation in the brain: Role of leukocyte and endothelial cell adhesion molecules
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  41. Kaarisalo, Minna. 2000. Stroke and heart. Epidemiological studies on relations between stroke and cardiac disorders
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  50. Kupila, Laura. 2005. Aetiological diagnosis of acute central nervous system infections in adults. The role of PCR
  51. Koponen, Salla. 2006. Psychiatric sequelae of traumatic brain injury
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  95. Laukka, Dan. 2023. Intracranial aneurysms in patients with Kawasaki disease or thoracic aortic aneurysms
Adjunct Professors (Docents)
  • Marttila Reijo, experimental neurology, 1977
  • Valtonen Simo, neurosurgery,1983
  • Molnar Gabor, neurology, 1987
  • Mölsä Pekka, neurology,1987
  • Laihinen Arto, neurology, 1989
  • Rinne Juha, neurology, 1996
  • Ruutiainen Juhani, neurology, 1998
  • Kotilainen Esa, neurosurgery, 1999
  • Ruottinen Hanna, neurology, 2000
  • Elovaara Irina, neurology, 2001
  • Vuorinen Ville, neurosurgery, 2004
  • Kaasinen Valtteri, experimental neurology, 2005
  • Kuoppamäki Mikko, neurology, 2005
  • Tenovuo Olli, neurology, 2005
  • Airas Laura, neurology, 2007
  • Soilu-Hänninen Merja, neurology, 2008
  • Majamaa Kari, neurology, 2009
  • Martikainen Mika, neurology, 2014
  • Joutsa Juho, experimental neurology, 2015
  • Kivelev Juri, neurosurgery, 2016
  • Posti Jussi, neurosurgery, 2017
  • Frantzen Janek, neurosurgery, 2017
  • Bogoslovsky Tanya, neurology, 2017
  • Sipilä Jussi, neurology, 2018
  • Puustinen Juha, neurology, 2019 
  • Jokela Manu, neurology, 2020
  • Tarvonen-Schröder Sinikka, neurology, 2020
  • Koskimäki Janne, experimental neurosurgery, 2020
  • Ruuskanen Jori, neurology, 2021
  • Rissanen Eero, neurology, 2021
  • Rahi Melissa, neurosurgery, 2022
  • Honkaniemi Jari, neurology, 2022
  • Brück Anna, neurology, 2023




  • Rinne Urpo, professor of neurology, 1969-2000
  • Riekkinen Paavo, associate professor of neurology, 1973-1979
  • Panelius Martin, associate professor of neurology,1979-1997
  • Marttila Reijo, professor of neurology, 2002-2009
  • Majamaa Kari, professor of neurology, 2005-2008
  • Roine Risto O., professor of neurology, 2010-2021
  • Soinila Seppo, professor of neurology, 2011-2020
  • Rinne Jaakko, professor of neurosurgery, 2016-ongoing
  • Airas Laura, professor of neuroimmunology, 2017-ongoing
  • Tenovuo Olli, professor of neurotraumatology, 2019-ongoing
  • Martikainen Mika, associate professor of neurology, 2021-2022
  • Honkaniemi Jari, associate professor of neurology, 2021-ongoing
  • Kaasinen Valtteri, professor of neurology, 2021-ongoing
  • Joutsa Juho, professor of neurology, 2023-ongoing

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